[Case Study] AvishkaarBox : Funding, Founder, Revenue and Business Model


About AvishkaarBox

AvishkaarBox is an education management startup based in New Delhi. The firm is working on an ecosystem to create engaging educational experiences that spark imagination and fosters innovation among young minds. Founded by Tarun Bhalla in 2014 to provide Robotics education through its School Programs & online kits.

AvishkaarBox Founder

Tarun Bhalla:

Tarun Bhalla the founder and CEO of AvishkaarBox is an Alumnus of Delhi University and the University of Washington. After completing his business studies from the University of Washington Tarun started his career as a Marketing analyst in Expedia Inc. In 2010 Tarun founded Building Block learning Solutions provides Experiential Learning Solutions to Schools and Consumers under the aegis of Avishkaar Learning Programs and Avishkaar Box respectively. Tarun has 6+ years experience Product Dev/sales/Mktg, 8+ yrs in Indian education and multiple patents in Robotics.

AvishkaarBox Fundings

On 26th Feb 2018, the company raised Rs 5 crore in Pre Series ‘A’ funding from Auxano Deals. The deal was mediated by Rahul Gupta of Radar Capital for this transaction. The deal values Avishkaar at around $4 million. Founder and CEO Tarun Bhalla looking to deploy the funds to bring about a sea change in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) learning, not only in India but also to other Asian and Middle-Eastern markets.

AvishKaarBox Business Model

Avishkaar Box is in the business of manufacturing and selling Robotics Kits. The startup provides in-school Robotics programmes for children and also installs Robotics and Science Labs for schools. The company works on creating an ecosystem to create immersive learning experiences that encourage innovation.

At present, Avishkaar Box has a presence in more than 400 schools in India in addition to 125 Tinkering Labs set up across the country. Avishkaar Box claims to have inspired more than 40,000 students in the last year alone, through its IRC League and various other innovation platforms. Over the years, the company has built a range of products and programmes catering to various age groups from 6+ to 16+.

AvishkaarBox Revenue

According to the founder, Tarun Bhalla company’s current year turnover is 1.5 Million dollars and with the inclusion of new funds the company is confident that they will double company’s turnover to 3 million dollars within two years.




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