Image by: www.hackernews.com

Facebook allows you to share every aspect of your life but what will happen after your death?

Image by: www.hackernews.com
Image by: www.hackernews.com

As announced by Facebook this Thursday morning, now you can continue your story by the help of a legacy contact.
As Facebook defines it, a legacy contact is someone you choose to look after your account if it’s memorialized. The feature is available in America only but we are looking forward for it to be available worldwide soon enough.
Before this privilege, the deceased user’s account was either locked or deleted by Facebook but now you can appoint one of your friends as your legacy contact to manage your account after your death. For the convenience, Facebook is providing the options about how you want your account to be handled by your suggested friend like do you want them to access your friend requests?, do you want them to archive your account’s information?, or do you want them to delete your account if they feel like it’s necessary?

The powers of legacy contact are limited though; they can’t delete your posts or photos, can’t remove your friends and can’t read your private messages.

Of course, you can inform your friend about making them your legacy contact but that’s not compulsory too as whenever Facebook will get the information about your death they’ll automatically inform your legacy contact although they’ll need a proof of your death.
I have to say Facebook is really considerate about their users to provide them with afterlife services too.


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