How to Generate Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies Online


What are Terms and Conditions :

Suppose a user visit your website and want to purchase or access the service you are providing, so there are some rules or guidelines you want your user to agree in order to use your website. This is a legal document between the owner of the website and the user. While terms and conditions for every website are strongly recommended but it is not required by the law to have this agreement, unlike privacy policy.

Why do we need Terms and Conditions:

  • To prevent your website from abusive users. The abusive user may include spamming other user or posting defamatory content etc.
  • Terms and conditions are very important if you have original content on your website and you want to own your content.
  • In the case of any abusive user, you want to keep the right to ban the user that’s why we need termination clause.
  • Terms and conditions are important to limit your liability under which owner is not liable for any errors in the content presented, or for the information provided are accurate, complete, or suitable for any purpose.

What is Privacy Policy:

Privacy Policy is the legal document which ensures that data provided by the user on your website is not misused in any way and website owner will not release user’s personal information anywhere.

As per law, it is mandatory for any website which collects user information to have a privacy policy for the website.

Laws In India :

As per The Information Technology Act, 2008 Section 43A the owner of the website has to pay compensation to the user if his/her data is being misused or leaked and it has cause any personal harm to the person.

How to Generate Privacy Policy and Terms and conditions documents :

Now a day it has become really easy to create Terms and Conditions and Privacy policy document. Everything is available online. You can generate your documents in two ways.

  1. Download the sample document from the web for Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and make the necessary changes required as per your demand.
  2. Or you can hire an online service which can generate the document for you. The service provider will charge you a nominal one time fee.


Here is the list of Websites which can help you to generate these documents:


  • Privacy This website is very popular and its rankings are quite high on Google for privacy policy generators. It is free for personal use and you if you own a business you have to pay a one-time nominal fee. You will get designed privacy policy document as per your need and specific detail you want in your policy. URL-
  • Shopify: Shopify gives you free policy generator and terms and conditions documents for free. It is one of the easiest ways to generate your documents. It also helps you to refund policy which is very useful for the websites which charge their users for their services. URL-
  • Termsfeed: Termsfeed let you create legal documents for easily and online. Termsfeed allows you to generate documents like Privacy policy, Terms and Conditions documents, return and refund policy and Cookie policy.Termsfeed is one of the best options if you want to create custom legal documents. URL-
  • IUBENDA: IUBENDA helps you much more than just to provide you free policy generator. It provides you an elaborate detail of how and why do you need to generate policies if you use some specific services like Google AdSense, MailChimp, Facebook etc. Also, you can create policies in 10 different languages other than English.


These are some of the many websites which can help you generate your Terms and Condition document and Privacy policy documents easily. However, it is important that you seek legal advice and have a professional privacy policy and terms and conditions documents.




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