How to Build Clear and Effective Buyer Personas?

buyer persona

Building a marketing strategy for your business takes more than having just the plan outlined for your team. You also need to understand who your customer is and what are their buying habits. Having a buyer persona allows you to use the customer data and build a marketing strategy to target the right customer base for your products or services.

To ensure that your buyer personas as moving in the same lane with your business goals, here are some tips that Grazitti Interactive suggests you should include in your strategies.

Find the Right Industries

The first step is to find the business or industries that are willing to use your products. Once you know them, try to understand what their needs are. Where are these industries having issues, what motivates the buying habits, and don’t forget to include the buying concerns as well.

After you have these details, the next step is to identify how your services can help them with such issues.

Include Negative Personas

While the aim is to find the right personas at the beginning, it can also benefit if you know the negative personas as well. This will allow you to avoid wasting resources.

When looking for negative personas, ensure to avoid businesses or industries where the customer acquisition rate is high, the target is not really a customer but an industry enthusiast. Additionally, avoid including industries who have different goals than what your services offer and business with budget constraints.

Real Buyers

When building buyer personas, ensure that you are not searching for an ideal buyer. You want to target the needs and interests of your real buyers and not the ones who could be an ideal buyer. The easiest way to understand this is to use the detailed insights from your analytics.

Beyond Demographics

When looking for buyer personas, it is important to use demographics, but that is never enough. You should direct your focus on things ahead of demographics such as personality, opinions, interests etc. Further, include things such as motivations and issues that impact purchase decisions.

Sample Size

Make sure that you survey as many customers as possible. The bigger the survey pool, the better your results will be, you will have more room to understand what kind of buyer you are looking for.

If you run a small business that is still building its customer base, it is better to interview your customers to determine if your business strategies are working in your favor or not.

Number of Personas

When building a buyer persona for your business, it is important to understand how many is ideal for your business. Having too many or too little can be harmful. If you have too many buyer personas, you won’t be able to target properly. Whereas having a single buyer persona can often lead to missing out on great opportunities. This is where analytics can be really helpful in finding the right balance for your business.


When surveying customers, it is important to ensure that you focus on their behavior or emotions with each response. Do not ask irrelevant questions and observe their tone when they respond to your queries. This can be really helpful when trying to understand the difficulties or challenges a customer faces while making buying decisions.


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