How to Create Good Hashtags and Make them Trending?

Use of hashtags

Hashtags are effortless and an easy-peasy way of keeping up with the trendings and every news happening around the world.

Not only on Twitter, or Instagram but the hashtags have created a special place in all of the social media. But the hashtags in the twitter is the most professional way to promote your business. The Hashtags, just a ‘#’ symbol followed by a word carries the news throughout the entire world in just one click. And in the business, to promote the brands or the products through digital marketing to cope up with the present number of the fellow brands or products, there is a huge competition going on in the social media for creating the perfect Hashtags to reach out to their fans and customers.

But there are few cases in which the Hashtags created may go viral in less than 1 hour either getting the positive response or the negative response. Going viral is not only important, but it should bring a good response instead of the bad response to the business reputation. So, there is a great responsibility on the shoulders of the marketer or social media managers of creating trending hashtags.

Here, what do we all should do to create a perfect Hashtag that becomes trending?

#1 A relevant Hashtag

Before working on making a hashtag and that too a trending one, you need to concentrate on the terms that create something trending, make sure to target the specific audience. Know the trending keywords try to create the hashtag on that particular trending keyword. Choose the hashtag that is relevant to your topic.

Make sure you take the opinion of your other staff particularly and if everything is all right then go ahead and post. Because once you drop it in the ocean of the internet, it does create a havoc if anything goes wrong, once a damage is done, anyone couldn’t take it back. Be optimistic, only post the hashtags that show and spreads positivity.  That brings a great liking and interest towards you. Be creative, use new words or generate your own new word! Put your hashtag easy to understand and keep it short and simple. Do not at all use many characters that look like a story instead of a hashtag. All in all your one hashtag must deliver all the thoughts, the motto and the history of your brand or a product.

#2 Create Initial Buzz

Once you post your hashtag, keep working on making it popular. If on Twitter, tweet number of tweets because one or two tweets aren’t at all sufficient. Ask all your loyal followers to tweet as more as enough.

The more you tweet the farther it reaches. Not only the number of tweets matters but the number of people tweeted matters. Share your hashtags in all of your accounts. Post your hashtags many times a day, in every content your share. Set the goal of limited time to run your hashtag campaign and make a great effort to make it popular in every way possible. Let everyone know through all your social accounts, your website, and blogs.

#3 Shoutouts & Encouragements

Ask your fellow friends & family who are in the marketing field or social influencers, your sponsors, for the shoutouts, let them share and their encouragements. The healthy relationships with the people having a great following in the social media can even help for the popularity of your hashtag. Repost their shoutouts and thank them. Try some innovative ways to engage with the audiences to build your development and success.

#4 Publicity and promotions through advertisements

Promote your Hashtag campaigning through paid advertisements. These advertisements may be digitally or traditionally like in TV, newspapers, and boardings in busy places. Conduct live debates regarding your hashtag topics, either live shows, conferences, webinars.

One of the most popular way to promote it, is by showing the audiences the current growth and progress of your hashtag tweets in the Live, making announcements on how many people actually using your hashtag and sharing or retweeting etc that creates an anxiety in the people so that can see themselves in the Live progress chart.

#5 Make some deals

To run a business quite effectively, offer some deals. Like in the “dominos” tweets, they are like “GET INVOLVED IN DOMINO’S TWEETS FOR TREATS”. Offer such eye-catching deals to gain attraction and their attention to making some time to tweet. No one can deny the fact that someone is always interested in getting any offers and deals. This can actually increase the traffic and build up your audience following. That is one way to make your Hashtag trending.


All in all, the trend not only reveals the popularity but decides the win in the current market. The one of the biggest success in the marketing field is being in the trend. Once they are in the trend there is no way of looking back that helps in increasing the sales and the growth. The Twitter has an algorithm flow, one needs to understand it and follow in order to be on trend. Try very hard on building up your audience. But it is also necessary to maintain the same level throughout.

There is a no rule that every Hashtag you start needs to be trending. The competition goes on increasing and the strategies go on changing. You need to adapt to everything and goes on upgrading your knowledge. There are few rules in the Twitter that are needed to be followed no matter what, if you don’t that Hashtag can also be removed. The Twitter has a separate column for trending list, the audiences will be getting this trending list according to the people who they follow. So, that shows you set the goal of reaching many people at once. Simply, the hashtag has its own goals and depending on it you must start tweeting and retweeting. Everything must be managed well and go step by step to succeed in our field.    



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