How Using Quora Can Benefit Your Business?


What is the benefit of asking questions? What do you gain in return?  Such questions have a very straightforward answer: gain knowledge and value. When we ask questions, we improve our intelligence. And when we answer a question, we nourish our knowledge through our deep thoughts.

Quora is among the best platforms that offers allows anyone to ask questions related to any topic they have in mind & get answers to that. Not just that, you can also answer questions related to topics that you have a fair bit of knowledge about. And it also allows other users on the platform to vote the answers that offer valuable insight for the question.

Once you start using Quora, you’ll be able to ask questions related to any niche that you want to; there is always someone that will have the perfect answer you are looking for. 

Quora For Business

Besides the simple question-answer format of the platform, there are numerous benefits that Quora offers. You might be wondering ‘what else can you gain for your business from a site like Quora by answering questions?’ Well, in this article we go through some important points that show how it’ll be one of the most beneficial additions to your business’s marketing strategy:

Quora helps generate awareness amongst people about your brand, which improves brand reputation. And as a cheery on top, you’ll get to know your audience and their preferences much better.

As you keep answering questions about a particular niche, Quora will start providing you other queries related to that niche. If you look at it from an advertising perspective, Quora is providing you an opportunity to influence the audience that are looking for an answer related to that niche.

Quora is completely different when compared to other social platforms like Facebook and Twitter where people visit to pass the time and connect with people for casual purposes. While Quora offers a stage where brands can connect with an audience that are interested in their niche without actually advertising about their services or products with the help of questions and answers. 

You can see who reads your answers:

Every time you answer a question, you get to see how many views you got & which user viewed your answer. You can do this by going to the answer and then click on “#views”. You’ll be able to know whether the users found your content through tagged topics or just random browsing. 

Quora For Business

From the screenshot above we can see that this topic is a reference point to answers. 

Quora is set up to earn some credibility while you answer questions and show yourself as a thought leader in your niche. Let’s look at the steps to benefit from Quora.

1. Create a Quora profile:

Quora For Business

After signing up for Quora, you should finish creating your profile. Once you start answering, people can visit your profile to know more about you or your business, so every crucial information that you can provide needs to be there. 

2. Follow Relevant Topics:

Quora For Business

Once you are done with your profile, it’s time to start following the topics that are relevant to your niche. Just enter the keywords into the search bar and Quora will suggest the related spaces. Once you click enter it will show you the questions related to the search term you entered starting with the most followed question. 

Once you find the topic, just click and you’ll find a “follow topic” button. If you start following that topic, you’ll be able to see all the latest activity on your Quora home page. 

3. Use Notifications as a Tool:

This is a great way to know what people are adding about your niche, and Quora will send them to you as an email every day. 

Just search a topic on Quora and find the questions and topics to follow. Make sure your notification is configured the right way. You can go to your setting page and manage your frequency of notification you’d like to receive from Quora. 

4. Add Questions and Answers:

Once you have finished following some favorite topics, you can start asking questions and submit answers to related questions asked by other users. The process is straightforward.

How to add questions:

Quora For Business

Asking a question on Quora is pretty simple, you can ask a question on Quora by going to a topic and then click ‘add question’. Don’t forget to upvote an answer that offers the best answer to your question. 

You can use the ‘ask to answer’ option that’ll send the question to other people who have already answered a question.

Quora For Business

Answering the questions:

Now, this is where you can show the knowledge about your niche on all the relative question. Find the question that you want to answer and then scroll down and click on “Add answer’.

Make sure you provide an answer to every question with the best information you can offer. Add in some relevant images if you have them and provide a link that might lead the user to more relative content to that question. This can be one of the places that you can use to drive traffic to your business’ website. Make sure your answer is properly formatted. Not only will it make you look professional, but it can also help you attract more users.

5. Use Spaces:

Quora For Business

Spaces offers a stage to create communities based on the topics you like. This allows any users to search for questions and answers within these spaces. Once you find your favorite spaces, you can start following them and Quora will show related information on your feed.

6. Discover Headlines

Just like Google search, you can use Quora search to find multiple topics and it’ll offer you headlines that are trending at the moment. You can then filter the results to show questions that are related to that headline. You can evaluate the question by checking the number of upvotes they are getting, and the amount of follows it has. This can easily indicate the value of a topic and you can understand what people are actually searching for.

These were some useful steps that can help marketers to grow their business using Quora. Let us know if you find this article helpful. If you have any questions, you just have to ask.


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