How to Create Google My Business Account and Optimize It?


Google has been providing many sources that are very much useful for the improvement of your businesses. One of the Google’s products that is been helping numerous local businesses for better sales is the Google My Business. Studies show that many people search in the Google for anything to know that may be to buy something. The known fact is that most of the users click on the links that are shown on the first page. Thus the Google is providing a great platform to give your business a great exposure in the market. This is considered as one of the local SEO techniques. But, the only thing you need to be aware of is how to use Google My business to make your business more successful.

But  before jumping into that, we must give a minute to learn what exactly the Google My Business does:

Google My Business

To be honest, whenever we are going to order something to buy we always check the review. We feel to buy that particular product if only, there are good reviews on that. If no good reviews, just forget it. The situation here is we believe in reviews like our whole decision is based on the number of good reviews. The same goes for all of the customers. This reviews thingy matters a lot to the business people because it is not unknown that good reviews help in getting more customers that leads to great sales. That is why most of the business people often put their business online that serves as a great platform to be more engaged with the public.

Google, being one of the most searchable engines, the local marketers add their business to the google to get more response through Google My business list, a free and easy tool to manage their online presence. It consists many features in where you can add your business name, details of it, photos and videos, add in your phone number through which your customers can contact you or you can chat with them more conveniently through messaging. Also, adding your business place to the google maps, how functional would it be right? You can tell your customers, what your business offers, by adding the description and the timings of the opening and closings, what not you can do through My Business list on the google.

Let us see briefly on how to optimize your Google My business listing:  

To optimize your Google My Business list there are few steps to be followed. Why don’t we have a look at those steps? here we go


  • To start, go to the URL And put your information including name, address, phone number, websites related to your business. For the verification, Google will send an email or a message, whatever source you choose it might be through email or phone number. You just need to accept, so that your information could be verified.
  • Once your information is verified, a dashboard is seen where you can start the further work, just by completing your list of opening and closing times, Your contact info.
  • The next thing is to upload a picture, make sure you upload a high-resolution one that helps in gaining the attraction from the viewers. You can also add in the videos related to showcasing your business.
  • The thing to remember while optimizing your google my business account is put your information accurately because that’s the only source through which your customers might come in contact with you.
  • Choose the category that is relevant to your business, for example, if your running a restaurant make sure you choose a category in which your specialized and the items in the menu that mostly consists of.
  • Next is the description. The description describes everything about your business in short. Try to give your description in such a way that consists all the information in brief yet unique and interesting.
  • Also, give the specialties that you own which are nothing but attributes which creates a higher note than others, audio competitors.
  • Ask your customers how their experience is when they visited and let others know in the form of reviews. Respond to their reviews for better connectivity with your customers. Here, in Google, my business listing your customers can also add the photos and the videos and make a very good gallery. The more the pictures there are, the more reviews there are, the more your business located in the search results.


  • Your business is located in the google maps is also one of the advantages and sharing that link to your customers makes an easy access to reach you. You can add your business to the google maps in very easy steps.

For this, what you want to do is, go to

  • After you reach the site, in the search section, search the location where your business is located, after you get your address click the menu option, and next “share or embed map” copy the link and share it your customers or in the list of your google my business.

This helps your customers to reach your company more conveniently without any issues.


  • The google my business has another feature through which you could contact them directly. But why? Because there may be a situation where the people couldn’t find you. Then you couldn’t sit, right? You can send you details on updations and the new information through messages. This is one of the effective ways of advertising.
  • For this feature what you need to do is you can turn on the messaging button available in your google my business dashboard. Give your accurate phone number once you give your number it asks to verify the code. This feature builds a closer connection between your business and customers which can increase your sales to a great level.
  • The other useful feature is that,

Google is launching email notifications to inform your customers when you respond to their reviews in few days.


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