How to Create Virtual Credit Cards in India for Instant Money Transfer

virtual credit card

When we purchase some items from the online shopping website or when we buy some services from the online platforms then the first thing which comes to our mind is security. Security is the major concern of everyone who is new on the Internet or who have never purchased a single thing from the Internet. Sometimes you buy products from an unknown website and at that time you are scared of being attacked by online hackers because you have given your card details at the time of payment. To reduce these problems, Virtual Credit Card came into the market for the better security and transparency in the online payments. Virtual Credit Cards are the online cards that are not physically present which is issued by your credit card.


You can also set the maximum limit of money upon which the transaction doesn’t happen. With this, your credit will be safe and secure from any malware attacks. If you buy products online from any e-commerce website then your credit card number will be secured and the merchant couldn’t able to see your credit card number because of using Virtual Credit Card. People who want Virtual Credit Card then they can easily get from different platforms some of them offer the free facility of virtual credit cards but some of them provide virtual cards at some minimal cost. It’s your choice whether you want Virtual Debit Card or Virtual Credit Card. But I would suggest you all to go for free platforms by which you can save your money and can avail better services. Today we will talk about the top platforms that offer free virtual card services to users and with this users can transfer payments, make bill payments like electricity bill and also can do online recharge.

Some ways by which you can get your Virtual Credit Card:



It is the highly secured mobile payment app that was launched by HDFC bank. This app provides you a free virtual credit card and can use it for making online payments. With this you don’t need to fill the details of your virtual credit card again and again for making payments you only need to add your Credit Card or Debit Card then you can make payments easily.


union bank-digipurse

DigiPurse is the mobile wallet that was launched by Union Bank. If you want to make International transactions then this app is the right choice for you, it provides virtual credit card by which you can make international transactions. This wallet is available in Android, Windows, and iOS. If you want to open a PayPal account then you can verify yourself by this virtual credit card.



It is available in Android and iOS. It is the best among different mobile wallets. This wallet was launched by ICICI bank and it provides you a free virtual credit card to make online payments more smoothly. If you want a physical credit card then you have to pay Rs.99+taxes.



Digibank is a mobile wallet app that is owned by DBS bank. It provides you a free virtual credit card. Digibank also offers digisaving account to the customers which mean you can open a savings account and for this, you will get 7% interest. You can add your debit or credit card in this app and can receive payments through virtual credit card number, MMID, and IFSC.



This is another mobile app which is owned by DBS bank but you will not only get the virtual credit card but also get the physical card. You don’t have to give any charge for visa card for the first year and with this app, you can easily track your daily, weekly and monthly expenses.



It is the best mobile wallet app which is owned by Axis bank that provides a virtual credit card. In this, you can open your saving account and raise your limits. You just need to connect this wallet app with your debit card, credit card etc.

Oxigen Wallet


Oxigen Wallet is one of the famous wallet apps by which you can generate unlimited virtual credit cards by RBL bank. This app is available in iOS, Windows and Android. But in this you have to pay a small amount of Rs.10 for generating virtual credit card.

Freecharge Wallet


Freecharge is the famous app by which we can make bill payments like recharge, electricity bill, water bill and many more. You can also money from Freecharge wallet to Paytm also. Freecharge has its own wallet and it is owned by Snapdeal. It also provides virtual master cards that are powered by Yes Bank. You can also dispose of your virtual credit card after use. You can download its mobile app from app stores of Windows, iOS, and Android.

SBI Virtual Card

SBI Virtual-Card-1

SBI or State Bank of India is the famous branch of Reserve Bank of India. SBI also provide Virtual Credit Card to its users. If want a virtual credit card then you can get it from NetBanking and SBI’s virtual credit card price start from Rs.100 to Rs.50,000. NetBanking is the best way to make online payments but from SBI’s Virtual credit card your payment will be secured and safe. But in this you can use a virtual credit for one-time after that it will be expired.

Yes Pay


Yes pay is owned by Yes bank and it also provides Yes bank virtual card which is a virtual debit card by which you can make payments for online shopping, water bill, electricity bill and online recharge of your mobile phone, DTH and may more. You will get more advantage if you avail virtual debit card from Yes Pay because it also provides discounts to their Yes bank customers. If you have id on UPI (Unified Payment Interface) then we can make UPI payments from Yes Pay app. UPI payments is the instant payment system and developed by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) by which we can transfer money from one account to other accounts.


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