How To Earn Customer Loyalty?


People related to business might have heard this quote by Henry Ford ”A Business that makes nothing but money is a poor business”. Money can be earned through profits, but what are the other things that a business needs to have? The thing that business needs to have other than money is Loyal customers. If a business has Loyal customers, money will automatically come through the profits. The customers are called as loyal customers who are repeated buyers of your products, even big purchases or small purchases. That is the importance of Loyal customers for a business to develop. If you are a manager of a company or owns a business, you would have already known how customers are a part of the business and that to loyal customers are what a business needs. To get loyal customers, you should earn their trust and loyalty towards you. For that many strategies have been using by the business people, some may be successful or some may not. Here we will tell you all on, “How to earn customer loyalty? “

But before knowing those tactics, let’s see

What is Customer Loyalty?


Why Customer Loyalty?

What is Customer Loyalty?

Technically, Customer Loyalty is the result of consistently positive emotional experience, physical attribute based satisfaction and perceived value of an experience, which includes products or services. In simple, customer loyalty is gaining their trust toward your products and services. A good opinion, positive experience about your products and services. The satisfaction that leads to taking a decision to always purchase your products more and frequently and also recommend their friends and family to choose your products among all other products in the market.

Why Customer Loyalty?

Customer loyalty is important as it leads to more transactions just from a single customer, if the number of loyal customers is present, number of transactions that increase the sales which often leads to profitability. They spend more on your products because of trust they already had towards your products or brand from their earlier purchases. This makes it sure on how important is building the customer loyalty.


Now, we will see “How to earn customer loyalty?”

Quality products and quality services:

No customer would opt your products if there is no good quality in it and gaining their trust and loyalty is nowhere possible. So make an effort in providing them with quality products, not only that but also quality services. Deliver their products and goods in time. Maintain your standards throughout, it may be in products, services or both. If once you provide them a good quality and the next time when they come expecting the same but by chance, there is not which they have expected, it will create a negative effect. So to avoid them maintain the good quality.   

Understand their requirements:

Know their requirements and make an effort to reach them. Ask them what they actually want, if they have no idea of what to purchase and what the product is, educate them, tell them what are the benefits, uses of them and make their work easier in finding what they want and make them purchase it. That creates a positive experience and they always decide to purchase from yours. Which is sometimes make them as your loyal customers?

 Good customer service:

A company or a business have to provide a good customer service. The appreciation from customers as you are providing good customer service is not a small thing. Every customer finds a company whose customer service is excellent and if they find it, they only choose that company. The good customer service is nothing but responding and solving the customer’s problems and questions in time and pulling them from the problems because of your product.

Trained staff:

Trained staff who responds and reach the customers also helps in increasing customer loyalty. Every customer wants the staff to receive them well mannered, being friendly and if your staff is able to do that, which the customers like, they will obviously be your repeat. Train your staff to be friendly but not rude to the customers. Also, professionalism has to be maintained.

Personalized emails:

Whenever your customer makes a purchase, ask them for their email address and the contact details along with their date of birth etc. Send them personalized emails on their birthdays or any other occasions that make them feel special and shows that you care for every customer. Impress them with greetings through emails or through messages. Write a special message on how they mean to them being a loyal customer and thank them.

Inform the customers about deals and offers:

Make them feel as they are the first to know about the arrival of the new products. Inform them whenever you get a new stock or having any deals and offers. Also, provide them with personalized discount codes that build an anticipation to use the discount codes and purchases something from your brand or products.

Feedbacks & Reviews:

Ask them to give feedback and reviews after their every purchase. So that you will have an idea of what else your customers are expecting from you and to improve. Accept your mistakes and correct them. Thank them for their valuable feedbacks and reviews. If they feel annoyed by writing feedbacks or reviews at the same spot, send them feedback and review forms through emails. So that they could take time and write about their opinions and suggestions.

Shower them with Rewards and gifts:

After every purchase shower your customers with gifts and rewards. Even if the gift is small, it doesn’t matter, the thing you are showing by giving the gifts is showing the gratitude towards them which is important to earn loyalty from the customers. Offer them rewards like coupons or vouchers that can be used in next purchase. To use that coupon, customers will surely come to buy something which slowly but surely turns them into a loyal customer.

Do what you claim:

This is very much important because people hear things from the advertisements you give, it is essential to do what to claim in those advertisements. If you just give stuff while advertising just to hype up things, and doesn’t fulfill to your customers that surely creates a bad image. So do what you claim like who you are? and what you do? Anything for customer satisfaction.





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