How to Improve Readability for Your Blog & Website Content To Get More Traffic


Blogs and websites, these days are very common. There are many of them all over the internet. But only a few blogs or websites gain popularity and success. The popularity of your blog depends a lot on your writing skill or how good is the readability of your content.

The readability is nothing but how easily readable and engaging your content is.

How to check your website readability?

There are online readability checking tools available that give the percentage of readability. Select any of the online tools to add the URL of your website in the search bar and there you go, your readability score will be in front of you. 

To make your blog successful there are many factors included which are needed to be look up carefully. If only, all the factors are well managed, no one could actually stop your blog from being famous and successful.

So what are those factors?

  • A great outlay or we can say the design of your website.
  • A good content.
  • A huge traffic for your website or the blog.

If you maintain the above-given factors with good content readability, nothing can stop your website to gain more visitors. So how to write content with high readability. Let’s find out.


  • For good readability for your blog, you need to follow the basic SEO techniques. The search engine optimization(SEO) helps in getting more traffic to your website. Make sure to get more viewers so that your blog appears on the top of the list when the visitor search for the keywords presents in your content.
  • So we can say, SEO is much more important to improve the readability.
  • If you lack in the SEO part, there are many online platforms that provide you a content of good quality with a most searched keyword.
  • The knowledge in giving best keywords, titles, and description takes you from nowhere to somewhere.


Let us say, you have a good content but you lack in writing part and not to mention few grammatical errors, I know, it is embarrassing to admit but it does creates very bad impression and shows you as a low note in the blogging by your readers, to avoid this tiny grammatical mistakes, use the online grammatical check tools.

Few of the grammatical checking tools are,



Update, the content you have already uploaded. The current market is always been changing, adapt to it and edit your content according to the new trends. Keep on editing and updating your old articles to improve the readability. That surely will increase your readability.


How much ever good your content may be, don’t you think it should have a platform to make it observable and give some exposure to the viewers? Advertisements help your website gain more popular by letting them know globally. Use all the social platforms to advertise. Each time you post a blog, don’t forget to let know your readers and also others about it. If they like your blog and find them related they will surely share and recommend to they friends.


  • Know what topic is in trend, put all your effort in it, take your own time, research on it and give the information in your blog that is relevant.
  • The writing also creates a great impact on the readers. Use simple language that helps the readers to understand and know what you are trying to convey.
  • No repeated contents are acceptable, it creates a boring feel. Instead, try something different and interesting from your other posts.


  • What attracts the audience more is the presentation. Put it simple yet elegant. Don’t use too many images and make your blog look cluttered.
  • Choose the font that is easy to read. Not too dull, not too bright colors. The font size not too big, not too small. Every single bit of thing does matters.
  • The length of your blogs is also important. If your content is written in paragraphs no one would actually find interesting to read it. Trust me to keep it short and simple yet contains all the information the readers want.


  • Make the presence of your website to other bloggers by commenting on their websites which are likely equal to be advertising and gains you more traffic from their audiences.
  • Collab with other bloggers that keeps you socialized and gain you more readers.
  • Remember, if you support someone they will support you. So help out fellow bloggers and let them help you.

Other Quick Tips

  • Use bullets instead of paragraphs that drags their interest towards your blogs.
  • Impress your viewers, pull their interest by using some captions, eye-catching images.
  • Add on quotes and inspire them. Also, insert the links to your previous articles or blogs that let them know about articles too.
  • Mention your own experiences, to make it more realistic.
  • Highlight the sentences that are important and convey your message.
  • Avoid unnecessary idioms or complex terms to sound it more advanced.
  • Put in your mind that your reader can’t afford all of his/her time in reading your blogs.
  • Try to engage with your readers on your social media and ask for suggestions and their outputs.
  • Regularity is also important. Maintain a time to post on your blogs and websites, don’t miss the regularity. Once a bad impression always a one. Post more frequently.


Success isn’t a one day struggle. Success in your passion also doesn’t come overnight. You make mistakes and then learn. Accept your mistakes, learn them and put to use. Learn from the sources and implement them. Readability, being one of the most important terms in your career, hope you have learned something and improve your readability in your very own blogs and websites. Keep on checking your readability. Don’t feel low even if progress is slow. Motivate yourself and motivate others. Inspire yourself and inspire others.


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