How to improve Your SlideShare profile for More Exposure


As a content marketer, your strategy should no longer be limited to only blog posts and whitepapers. Instead, you should pay equal attention to the visual aspect of content marketing as well. People retain information more easily and quickly through illustrated data. Slideshare is one of the most effective platforms for visual content marketing. It’s been reported that slideshare receives over 60 million visitors every month, which definitely makes it a powerful social community. Thus, you must take full advantage of the marketing potential of slideshare for your business.



Here’s what you can do to improve your slideshare profile for maximum exposure:

Your Profile Name:

For your slideshare profile, you can put your actual name company name in the profile name option and in the slideshare account, you can user a different username. This will help you in adding a personal touch to your slideshare profile.

Include your Bio:

Don’t make your bio too elaborate. Instead make it crisp. You could add bullets, which will make it easy for the readers to scan through your information. A dull and long bio will put off the readers. So, format your bio correctly.

Utilize the Power of Tagging:

With proper tagging in your profile, your target audience will be able to spot you easily. This will enhance the readership of your posts.

Like and Share other Presentations:

When someone likes, shares or comments on your slideshare presentations, a lot of times, you are tempted to check out the profile of that user. Likewise, if you like, share or comment on other presentations, preferably from your niche, you increase the chance of visibility of your profile too. If you follow active users on slideshare, most likely, you will be followed back too. With more people following you, the readership of your content will increase considerably.

Add a Slideshare Badge on your Blog:

With a badge on your blog, you can build a network in no time. You could either embed the widgets offered by slideshare or use WordPress plugins, supported by slideshare. Remember, the more you let people know that you have an active profile on slideshare, the more will be the number of visits to your slideshare profile. So, don’t forget to add your slideshare badge in the side, exactly where you have added your twitter button, Facebook button etc.

Enhance the Search Performance of your Slideshare Profile:

Claiming Google authorship will definitely make your slideshare profile more credible and enhance the search performance. In your profile, don’t forget to include your twitter handle, Facebook account, LinkedIn profile and Google + account. This will help in driving more profile viewers for you.

Be Friend the Search Engine Giants:

Write a catchy headline for your Slideshare profile with relevant keywords. The keyword usage will help in boosting the search engine visibility of your profile.

You can do with some more exposure for your business online, right? Go through your slideshare profile once again. Follow the above tips and re-do your profile for better visibility. It’s time to pull in even more leads for your business with your slideshare profile, at the same time nurturing the existing content marketing channels for you.


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