How To Make IGTV Work For You?


IGTV – Instagram’s prestigious and versatile feature for content creators. It has been rolled out this year for almost all users. Whether or not you see an IGTV icon on top of your news feed, you can always view content uploaded by people you follow by downloading the Instagram’s IGTV app. It is such a flexible feature for content creators on social media that you can either decide to use it to share your main content there or you can use it to share sneak-peeks of your original content and use it as a part of your digital strategy. There are many creative opportunities available on IGTV because you are boundless in terms of time. The main thing that makes IGTV special is that Instagram wants users to switch to vertical videos rather than having to rotate your mobile for viewing videos. Whether you are a brand, influencer, or a brand here is the detailed guide on how to use IGTV and make it work for you.


IGTV for influencers:

If you are a content creator or an influencer, then IGTV is an amazing opportunity for you to increase your content landscape. The best part is that you will not need any additional software to film and edit your videos as smartphones do a good enough job of filming vertical videos. IGTV is like the love child of YouTube and Instagram Stories. Here are the different ways in which you can use IGTV as an influencer.


Podcasts are the perfect type of content for IGTV. If you are an influencer who is just thinking about trying out the podcast space, then this is the perfect platform for you. Make a podcast and upload it on IGTV right away.

Tutorials and How-to’s

If you are an artist, then you can give a sneak-peek to your followers about the behind the scenes action using IGTV. Upload how you do the process of filming a video or if you know something that others might want to know then go ahead upload a tutorial on IGTV. Chances are people will keep coming back to IGTV expecting more How-to’s.

Product Hauls/Favourite Products

If you are a beauty blogger, then this is the perfect chance for you to so a product haul. Each week you can pick up a category of products and describe how you use them to deal with certain things. You can also use IGTV to showcase your favourite products and get more clicks on your affiliate links.

Blog Breakdowns/Vlogs

As an influencer, you can either start vlogging right away with your new IGTV channel. If you already have a blog channel that is great but sometimes there might be situations where you want to show your Instagram followers a blog breakdown piece. IGTV is your go-to option then.

IGTV for brands:

Brands have innumerable ways in which they can use IGTV. They have so many different kinds of content options to choose from to upload on IGTV. They can build solid relationships with their clients and customers by showcasing their products and showing people how things work in their company and add a personal touch to it.

Event Promos

Is there an event or a campaign coming up in your company? Then go ahead and drop a promo of the event on IGTV. You can also share highlights of your previous event on IGTV. This is a great way of sharing more content with your followers.

Product Launches

If you are launching a new product, then you can show a glimpse of what is about to come up at your company. This is like a souvenir to your followers for following you on Instagram. This just makes your advertising easy for your new product or campaign launches.


People always love behind the scenes. They love to know how real people work behind the curtain to make things run smoothly. Whether your is a company dealing with digital media or a company dealing with makeup products, you always have behind the scenes content to show people. People will not feel like they are following a robot and have a personal connection with your brand this way.


This might not work for all the brands out there, but depending on the niche of your brand, you can always share trending news relating to your niche. Since the news is already trending among your followers, making content around it might just increase the viewing analytics of your IGTV channel.

TV Shows/Movies

If you are a brand in the filmmaking industry, then this is the perfect opportunity to upload small interviews with the cast or crew of your project. This works best if you can just make them answer some silly questions about their personal lives. This gives all the fans an adrenaline rush and your IGTV channel more views.


You have to look at IGTV as if YouTube has been reborn. YouTube before all the big stars came in. Make your move now by attracting viewers to your IGTV channel and get them hooked to your content before the big brands and companies start making the rules of the game. IGTV is not just another place for Instagram stories. It has so much more potential and it just gave us all a new platform for our content. Putting up fresh content that has never been uploaded before to any of the other social media platforms increases your chances of more views on the IGTV channel.

So it doesn’t matter whether you are a brand or an influencer, there are many different ways which you can use IGTV for. You can either use the different examples mentioned here or you can come up with your own ideas for IGTV channel. Do not forget to share your kind of content for IGTV channel how to increase views there. Overall, authentic and quality content will help you attract your followers, after all authenticity and quality content are the reason why we are here, right?




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