How to Use Instagram’s New Keyword Search for Growth?

Instagram search

Instagram recently made some significant changes to their keyword search option, which is one of the most anticipated updates for marketers all over the world. Now brands and creators have better reach even if they do not use any specific hashtags in their posts, which wasn’t possible before this update on the platform. This is the perfect opportunity to utilize these changes to your benefit and make them work for growing your brand on Instagram.

Here are 3 methods that you can utilize this update to grow your business:


The new search feature allows brands and businesses to find more customers, which has been a primary factor in growing a business—the bigger the reach, the better the engagement with their posts. Focus on the keywords that your ideal customer might search on Instagram; primarily the ones that are closely relevant to your products, services, and brands.

With the new changes, your posts will reach new customers even when they aren’t using any specific hashtags, which will allow businesses to interact and build relationships on the platform. This will help brand awareness and lead to getting more followers, which will eventually help with its growth. Understand the interests of your ideal customers, and target the keyword they might search for.

Instagram search

Competitor analysis

With the new keyword search tool, businesses can now identify the keywords their competitors are using and evaluate how effective they are with customer engagement. This can also help businesses understand common issues customers might have with similar products and services, allowing businesses an opportunity to improve their own products and services. Competitor analysis plays an important role when trying to grow your brand on social media platforms like Instagram.

Keyword in Captions

Since the new changes, your reach is not limited by the hashtags you use on the post. If there are relative keywords in a post, it will be shown to the users who search for similar keywords on Instagram. Use this to your advantage when publishing posts about your services and products.

Try to include relevant keywords in the title of your post; ensure these keywords are relevant to your product. As mentioned in the last post, you can find new relevant keywords from competitor analysis and market research. This is somewhat similar to what marketers practice with search engine rankings. 

Including keywords that are popular and often searched by users will increase your reach and help you gain more customers. If nothing else happens, at least it will help with brand awareness, which is crucial when trying to grow.

This opens up a lot of doors for small-sized businesses as well, as it offers an equal ground to each brand on the platform. It is exciting to see what possibilities this new change will bring over time.


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