How To Use Live Videos To Grow Your Business?


In the current competition of business in the market, the same old marketing strategies and tactics will get you nothing. You need to adapt to the new strategies constantly, and put it to use only if you want to compete with others in the market. The marketing that is now popular is obviously digital marketing. The digital marketing involving social media is bringing new features in it day by day that helps a business to grow its sales only if they are used as proper marketing tactics and strategies. So the present popular marketing tactic is using LIVE VIDEOS to grow the business. Nowadays we see many Live streaming videos in every other social platform like in YouTube, Facebook,  Twitter, Instagram not only for promoting of their products and brands. These tactic has been in use from quite a long ago but still is number one strategy. Why? It’s just because it is getting a huge response from the viewers. The live videos are indeed becoming the future of online video marketing.

Why Live Videos?

  •  By using these Live videos, you can actually create an impact on people and bring them closer to your brand.
  • These Live videos provide a platform for you to introduce and showcase your brand or products to your audience in real time and can demonstrate its benefits,  process of usage and everything.
  • Not only about your product advertising but also these Live videos could be used in many other ways of developing your business.
  •  The fact is more than half of the people like to watch Live videos than reading a whole blog.

Also writing a blog, editing it and correcting few other mistakes usually takes quite a lot of time. But that’s not the case in the Live videos. It just takes less time, you just need to make a rough draft on what you need to say, sit in front of a camera opt for any social media for live streaming and then you share your content. To say, it’s just like you are talking to a person’s face to face, but only a screen is in between. The people can share their views and give their feedback at that instinct of time and you can respond to them there itself.   

So this is the best way to share your content whatever you want to convey to your audience.   

Let us see,

How to use Live Videos to grow your Business?   

Connect with your audience:

People are more engaged with the video mainly the live video as it seems like a direct communication. Through video, you can reach them in no time and if your content is relatable, informative and entertaining too, then there is no other effective marketing tool as this. This creates more engagement with your customers because you will say what you have to and they respond to the comments. Through this, you will have an idea of how many people are being connected to your product, how many of them think the product is good or bad. You will understand the customer needs and their thoughts, requirements in just one live video. This creates a scope for you to improve more to reach the people’s expectations. Offer tutorials, how-to videos of your products to make it easier to reach the audience. Share your experiences on how did you get an idea of setting up this particular business or that relates to the products. Share your achievements with your followers. These things create a special bond between you and your followers and help in making them as your potential customers. Ask them to share the video with their friends and family, that gains you more traffic and boost up the sales.   

Update the audience:

If your company has an announcement to make, these live videos come to better use. Whenever you are launching a new product, before going for any other advertising campaigns opt for the live streaming and tell your followers how  excited you are to launch a product due to all the love and support from your customers/followers and tell them what the product is and all the necessary stuff about that particular product. The same goes with the offers and discounts, let them know about it and add on some more interesting deals and offers if they( audience) purchase them in this particular limited time.

Q & A Videos:

If your customers are having any doubts regarding your products and services and you are constantly getting those questions, it is your responsibility to clear up their doubts. The avoidance towards them shows that you do not care about the customers and gets a negative effect.  To respond to them by utilizing the live video platform.

The other things you can use live videos for are:

  •  Broadcast Live Events
  • Host Interviews
  •   Show them the behind the scenes

Key points that are to be considered:

  • Pre-Plan on how the videos have to go? What are the things that are to be included?  What else have to be said? A rough draft is a must. Before streaming live, practice is necessary because you don’t want to collapse the entire image of your brand in front of thousands of your followers, right? Practice is necessary, but the audience must not feel it as a scripted video. It have to be naturally done, improvisations also make it better. Don’t make your video seem boring to the audience by sounding technical. Add some fun to it and make it entertaining, so that people can get connected.
  • Experienced persons who know every detail of your product are best for live videos. Even if they are well practiced on just what to say, it can’t go well. Because you can expect various queries regarding the product from your followers, if the person doesn’t know about that, the whole time and effort would be wasted also destroys your brand name.
  • The quality of video must be good. People have to be able to see and listen to the things which your video is about.
  • Your followers have to be aware of the live video. You can’t just come live with random timings and expect so many viewers all at once. You have to let your followers know when your video is coming. So that they can free up themselves from any work and be ready to see the video.



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