In What Way Facebook Makes People Unhappy

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Facebook is known as a platform, which gives ample opportunities to an individual to connect with people so that one can feel connected by sharing the thoughts, opinions and some of the life experiences with the people. But, what it actually makes people feel is surprising. According to a study conducted with 90 people it was asked that how they feel using Facebook and 80 percent of the people said that more they surf Facebook the lonelier they feel. However, when they engage themselves in a conversation with someone they feel good about it. It was also revealed that people use Facebook in between the conversation seems to be satisfied with the overall experience they have and the overall satisfaction declines with the passing time of their use.

It is also identified that the people using Facebook did not possess any difference in their personality trait from the people who do not use Facebook. But, it could be concluded that Internet keeps them alienated. Further deepening of Facebook in lives of people have generated issues like jealousy, outrage and problems in relationships of people. The more people spend time surfing on Facebook over engaging themselves in developing interesting and creative content makes people envy and the more time they spend on surfing the more envious they are likely to feel.
Facebook has also generated the feeling of comparison among its users, when individuals learn about the achievements of others through various posts it leads to social-psychology phenomenon of comparison among people. It suppress the feelings of other as achievements of other hits harder when it comes to comparison and is further taking to a negative direction. Facebook helps people in developing virtual relations with users around and it has generated the sense of keeping the people believe on these relations which severely affect the relation with people around them in real world. The key to understand about how Facebook affects the people lies in understanding what people actually do when they are on Facebook.

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Different people use it for different purpose and the result related to the same leads to a significant effect on their mindset. If a person is using it for promoting its business and if getting a good response in return then it is likely that the satisfaction level and the happiness of an individual will increase. On the other hand if an individual is using it for socializing it with people around but is leading to disturbance in the personal life with family, friends and people around then it will lead to stress, anxiety and disheartenment.

People go crazy about their phones if it is not around for 5 minutes and it can clearly depict the picture that people are craving for spending time on a virtual network, looking to set real relations and running from real world. The situation is going crazy but over this entire messy situation Facebook is making profit and that’s what it cares for. Cheers!!!


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