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pinterest for business

In modern technology, everything is feasible with just a click. Many social media sites evolved and raced themselves to maintain its notch with the flooding customers. From untold to known companies many of them use social media platforms to capture the heed by users or customers and buyers. Pinterest is one such platform helps to emerge your business from unknown to a pro.

Millions of users get themselves registered in Pinterest to expand their Business. Pinterest might not be a mammoth organisation besides Facebook and other social media websites but gained worldwide recognition with the idea they developed.


What’s with the terminology?!

Pinterest is a social media platform used for pinning the visual theme-based images, gifs and videos of your interests. It is designed to explore different contents on the World Wide Web under the single platform. Pinterest is just like a scrapbook but virtually categorised according to the interests of the users and letting them store in their boards.

Developed by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra and Evan Sharp in 2009 with few people as it users, now it reached nearly 200 million as users. Once, Ben stated that the root of Pinterest came from his love of collecting as a kid. “ Collecting tells a lot about who you are,” he said. So Pinterest according to Ben is a “catalogue of ideas”.

Is it necessary to use Pinterest for Business?

Yes. Pinterest might be different from Facebook, but it helps people to seek the ideas on products to buy by pinning it on the board and saving it. Most of the population seek out the pinned products they want and go shopping in stores.

Here’s the guide to create a Pinterest account for business:

Step 1: Set up an account

Create a business profile of yours with a catchy name and introduce about your business and yourself, rather than creating a personal account. Pinterest offers business-related specifications like analytics and Pinterest advertising.
Note: If you are already a Pinterest user and seeking to change into a business profile, you can turn it into a business account by accepting some terms and conditions and filling some additional fields.

How to create a Pinterest business account?

Steps to create a business profile if you already have an account:

  • Log in to your Pinterest account and go to “Pinterest for business”.
  • Click “convert now” to convert your current account into the business account.
  • Fill the details and click “convert”.

The data what you created once get stored in your site. You will have your previous posts, pins, and boards, followers like before, the only difference is you have a business account with a few other features.

Procedure to create a business profile for non-Pinterest users:

  • Go to “Pinterest for Business” and select “Join as a business”.
  • Fill the details about your business and also the information about who is going to manage the account. Make sure you complete your profile as it guides.
  • After agreeing to the terms and conditions of “Pinterest Business terms and services”, click the “create account”. Pinterest for a business account is set up.

Step 2: Fill your profile

After creating the account, a fresh page displayed, you need to fill in the details of your business or brand details by making it more exciting and enthusiastic.
All you need to do is,
Slide to the profile icon of your Pinterest page and click on settings.
Upload an image of your brand with a perfect pixel.
Describe yourself in the About you section and add a business location. Click on Save button.
Key point: Try to maintain critical factors and eye-catching words in About me section.

Step 3: Add your website and create a board

  • Go to settings, and scroll down to the “confirm website”.
  • Copy and paste your brand website name.
  • Click on Finish button.

Step 4: Start creating your boards.

Once everything created, you need to organise your images related to the products. To do so, follow the steps:

  • Click on the Boards tabs in your profile and press the Red Plus sign to create a board.
  • Enter the business-related name for a board. Use clear language to convey what you are pinning to the board. Keep it to maximum 20 characters and maintain keywords while doing so.
  • Click on the name of your board and then click the pencil icon to enter more details.
    Choose a relevant category and precise description of what you were saving to your new board.

Step 5: Pinning

After setting up boards, now add some Pins to it. The simple way to save to Pinterest is to install the Pinterest browser button, which allows you to pin anything from the web.

  • Install the Pinterest browser button.
  • Click on the Pinterest icon on your browser toolbar to pin from the Web.
  • Select the image from the options and Save.
  • Add description to the selected image.
  • Save your pin to the selected board.

Are you looking to increase the Pinterest Business market?

Pinterest is not only to store the saved pins. It’s also the best business market while trying to popularise your products among the customers.
To have heavy traffic to your website is a common thought like the other firms but to maintain a constant profile in the Pinterest business need to follow some shrewd moves or tactics and tips.

Guide yourself with the simple yet like a pro with the methods listed below.

1. Add “save button” to your website

People or technically Users wants everything quickly and at their fingertips. To make it easy for the customers with just one click add save button to the website by allowing them to pin. Some users might not have Pinterest power browser to pin the image from your website. So to make them use your website without getting hampered try using automatic buttons on every picture of your site or to any specific image you wish them to save.

You can create your Pinterest save buttons by using Pinterest Widget Builder to make it easy for the customers who were trying to pin it in their board of interests.

2. Pinning regularly

Consistency is the most crucial factor in the business. Reports say that most of the Americans use Pinterest regularly. Try to pin once a day, mainly during the peak hours like evenings and weekends.

Try to pin by categorizing them accordingly as per the interests and not pinning all of them at once, it might look a bit messy, and users might not understand on which category it slated if not appropriately pinned. If you are trying to publish the pins during occasions, try to post them 30 to 45 days in advance.

3. Be keen on the visuals

Pinterest itself a virtual scrapbook flooded with images, gifs and videos so maintain high-quality images to pin up in the board. Your pictures should be appropriately composed, well defined with great focus. If you are not able to create your images or find the time or tool, download images from photography websites which are free to upload in your referred sites. Try to think imaginatively creative to display your brand and its products. For instance, if it’s regarding Food try to pin relevant food images and if it’s for fashion, pin the contents regarding style and similarly the other boards.

4. Make Pinterest more interesting with words

It is not only with the images one can create an exciting platform, keywords while describing the particular brand is also the main factor in helping to cap the business steadily. Make sure to include keywords while pinning because netizens not only get attracted by images but wants to know more about the pin what they are saving to their boards.

Provide with appropriate links so that they can view more information regarding the image. Quality content always attracts the pinners besides the images. They need to find it more interesting to spread the word about your content not only inside the Pinterest but also outside. Make sure your Pinterest does not have any broken links, and it is correct and up to date.

5. Use of Rich pins

Rich Pins are the sophisticated version of Pins that uses metadata extracted from your site to provide with some extra information about what will they found when they click on a pin by Pinners.

Rich Pins are accessible for apps, products, recipes and articles. For instance, in articles, Rich pins are used for headlines, the name of the writer, date and story description and also indicating the links.

6. Go into public

Getting socialised is very pivotal in the business market. Try to gain as much as followers by just following the process. To engage people to follow your site make sure you follow the non-competitive brands and accounts. Make sure to comment or like the related pins of your interests actively.

You can also get employees and other campaigners to get involved in your network by inviting them. The more they engage with your site, the more chances to increase your business market in Pinterest and gain fame wisely.

7. Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest Analytics provides you with the information about what types of content performed the best on the network so that you can alter and enhance Pinterest for business results. You will be accessed to see what Pins are most trending and inclining traffic to your website.

You can be able to see on which boards your Pins are included and give you an idea of how Pinner think about your business products. You can also check the demographics and interests of people who pinned your Pins. This insight provides you to help your targets and strategies to work with the right audiences.




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