5 reasons why Social Media Hiring is better than traditional Sources


Recruiting talent for your organization is all about finding quality candidates and making connections with them. And what better way to make connections other than Social media as this is the place where people hang out online to express ideas and interact with each other.

Social Media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter offer recruiters a tremendous opportunity to connect with candidates many of whom would never be found through traditional sources. Most of the companies are already using social media to recruit candidates successfully. If you are still using traditional methods do read these benefits of social media recruiting given below and some ways you can connect with talented people online.

Benefits of Social Media Hiring

#1 Reach the Bigger Audience:

Social media is the best way to find and connect with passive candidates. LinkedIn is essentially a directory of professionals organized by industry, company, job title and a number of other categories.

#2 See talent and passion firsthand:

Social media profile tells a lot about the concerned person, it is probably the first place to find out what passion do your candidate follow and make it known do they love their career. You can also learn what amazing work they’ve done and creative ideas they have.

#3 Find out the best fit for your organization

Social media allows you to learn what a person’s hobbies are and even conclude what sort of personality they have. You can find candidates who are skilled and will also be a good fit for your workplace.

#4 Filter out bad personalities

Usually, people are on their best behavior in interviews, but by scrolling through their social profiles you can determine if a potential candidate has a bad attitude by seeing what they share online.

#5 Cost efficient

Social media recruiting is completely free but even if you want to promote job openings through paid campaigns it’s still quite affordable than your traditional ways of recruitment.

Case Study of How McDonalds Australia Used Snapchat for Recruitment

McDonald’s used Snapchat in an innovative way to recruit people in the company. The named this new recruitment methods SNAPLICATIONS. McDonald’s lets people participate in a brand activation while applying to McDonald’s for the job.

BasicallySNAPLICATIONS is a Snapchat filter that lets people put on a virtual McDonald’s hat and name tag. Then, they can record a 10-second video talking about themselves and send it to McDonald’s. This unique campaign resulted in 35% boost in applications and 30% increased traffic on the careers page submission.




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