How To Get Verified On Instagram

Social Media QuestionsHow To Get Verified On Instagram
Avatarjeremiah43y asked 1 year ago
AvatarJames clark replied 1 year ago

Instagram is a dominantly mobile Internet-based image-sharing application that allows users to share pictures publicly.
The verification badge is given to only some public figures or notable persons who have a big fan base. According to Instagram, Right now, only some public figures, celebrities and brands have verified badges. It’s not currently possible to request a verified badge. Instead of getting a verifies badge, Instagram recommends you provide other forms of social proof of your identity, like linking your other social accounts, or websites etc

AvatarAvinash Gupta replied 1 year ago

According to what Instagram officially says there is nothing what Instagram users can do.

Instagram verifiy profiles on its own and users can’t even request a verification.

Some people claim that there are some ways and methods to make verification more possible but they’re not confirmed at the same time.

Generally, the only advice I could give is – the more real engagement and the more real followers you have, the better. (Please forget about bots!) Also running other social media platforms and ensuring your online presence in general, would definitely help.