What Is Real Time Marketing – Examples And Tips


Real-Time Marketing or simply RTM is a buzzword then and now, never gets weary out. Real-time market ensures a marketer stand out from the crowd if they the actual real-time marketing concept.

What is Real-Time Marketing?

Real-Time marketing involves an optimal approach to the customer. Real-time market is inbound marketing the offers an appropriate customer sales opportunity reversing the concept of interruption or outbound marketing. In brief, Real-time marketing involves “on-the-fly” marketing strategy aiming at customers’ up to date events.

Why Real-Time Marketing needed?

Real-Time Marketing emerged in the market with the rise of social media, providing businesses with access to real-time information on particular audiences. Marketers tap on the data and transform it into messages and products thinking the customer might be interested in their market.

With the help of Facebook, Twitter and other popular sites business marketers gather up-to-date information on targeted customers or viewers. People want to indulge in the new trends. Marketers catch the pulse of customers and strategically project their advertisements to drive consumers towards their products accordingly to the current craze.

In this contemporary world, consumers require instant pleasure, so tailoring the materialized marketing message to consumers in a time of need got more chances to buy a product and services from the businesses because of they identify the utility that they receive.

5 Examples of how Real Businesses are leveraging on the Real-Time Marketing

From top brands to businesses, everyone uses the power of real-time marketing to fuel up their products. Marketers categorize their publicity into two forms- Event and Customer Driven. Most of the brands try to publicize their brands by sponsoring to the event shows through Fashion Runways, Awards, sports events and so on.

Let’s probe into the Top examples of real-time marketing of brands/companies which got it right at the perfect time.

1. Oreo

Oreo rose to fame and popularity with the single tweet and made our taste buds crave for the cookies.

During Super Bowl 2013, New Orleans faced a power out. The marketing team of Oreo captured the opportunity to market their cookies uniquely. Oreo marketing team tweeted a photo of Oreo with a dark background with the line “You can still dunk in the dark.” They captioned their photo “Power out? No problem”. It was a massive hit among the Twitter audience.


Of course, NASA! The biggest Aerospace research Agency in the world never missed the chance to show the creative side of marketing.

During the 2014 Oscars, NASA stole the spotlight by tweeting how the real gravity looks from the outer space while congratulating the Gravity movie which won several awards in a row.

3. Pepsi in Fashion week 2011

During Fashion week 2011 Pepsi launched their diet coke rather than advertising its product. Pepsi hired a journalist with full press credentials to the event. She published the content to Pepsi in a whip-smart way positioning: “get the skinny” on fashion and pop culture.

4. Radio Bayern 3


If you all remember the world cup 2014, semifinal match between Brazil and Germany. Germany outwitted Brazil with a 7-1 win. Radio Bayern 3, a German radio channel used the success to promote their channel by posting a Youtube video in which Germany Beer was crushing the Brazilian cocktail.

5. Pretzel Crisps’ “Social Sampling” Program

This real-time marketing monitors conversations on Twitter to analyze the customers in need of a snack. Pretzel Crisps offered free delivery of the product sample that encourages recipients to share and start conversations about this brand. The company garnered 4.2 million media impressions and delivered around 3,600 free samples to the customers.

Top Real-Time Marketing Tools to make customers listen and react


TweetDeck owned by Twitter is the best tool for tracking of social conversations and engaging them.

TweetDeck is considered one of the most powerful tool with UI to customize timelines, tracking the lists, brand activity and many more with the schedule option. It’s an integrated tool where you can share an account and manage the team within the account.



HootSuite is the other powerful took in the real-time marketing. Hootsuite allows you to manage multiple social networking sites. It helps you to schedule the messages wherein you can do all these activities from your dashboard.

Other tools which also shares the same status in the real-time marketing:

  • BUZZBUNDLE and many more.

Social media campaigning is not only the main boost to the real-time marketing, tools like these also help to make into a money-spinning deal and entice customers with the unique creativity.

Real Tips to boost Real-time marketing

  • Seize the opportunity.
  • Be prepared for the unanticipated conditions.
  • Be Optimist.
  • Do not exaggerate or overdo.
  • Aim for customer satisfaction.
  • Amaze the customers each interaction.
  • Research more on keywords on what customers are trying to use.
  • Observe the situations your customers facing and know their priorities.
  • Know more about the marketplace you want to target.

Real-time marketing is full of chances to be a unique product producer and can also have an instant success if you use the proper strategies in the market. Managing social customer relationship helps to boost the product. Launch the product at the right time and make customers or consumers go craze over it.


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