Top 10 Social Apps on Android & Other Mobile Platforms


With the advent of the smartphone, the world has been taken by rage. It is interesting to see how the wide variety of applications has influenced the lives of people in different ways – especially their social lives. Here, outlined for you are the top 10 social apps you just cannot live without:


1. Whatsapp has swept the world with its usefulness. It has virtually eliminated the need for sending old school text messages, and with its group messaging feature, has become a boon for those who need to stay in constant communication. It even offers the options to send images, videos, audios, and voice recordings, thereby giving its users a versatile application for their every instant messaging need.

2. Instagram This free app lets the users share their pictures online. Be it a consumer product brand or a fashion brand, Instagram is by far best platform for image branding.

3. Secret is an extremely interesting app. It lets people post their secrets anonymously for the world to read. Thus, Secret offers an excellent vent for those who have trouble dealing with their private problems, even allowing users to ask each other questions.

4. Tumblr has become a home for the witty, the sarcastic, and the slightly insane. Its brilliance is something most internet blogs cannot provide, and its lovely interface allows posts with texts, audio clips, video clips, .gif files, photos, etc. It is versatile and teeming with lovely humour and offbeat views on life.

5. LinkedIn provides a wonderful space where people can communicate with each other. It keeps you connected with everyone you need and also synchronises your calendars so that you can keep track of all the events you have scheduled for the year. The brilliance of LinkedIn lies in its brilliance.

6. Pinterest follows a rather new concept – it allows its users to ‘pin’ posts they like, according to their interests. It has a lot of intriguing posts, with several users showcasing their wonderful talents in the DIY, or ‘Do It Yourself’ section. Pinterest is not a place for communication as much as it is a place where one can showcase one’s creativity in an appealing manner, and be appreciated for it. It lets people share their innovation with the other users.

7. Foursquare is for people who love to keep track of the places they visit. It even lets you search for the kind of places you would like to visit, and provides you with details on the places that match your interest and are nearest to you. It is a lovely way to learn more about your city, and also a very nice app that lets you search for new places while you are on a vacation. Foursquare will help the inner explorer in you.

8. Vine is a place that essentially lets you create and share .gif images with your friends and family. It lets you edit the videos right there on the app, and then share it on different social media sites. You can follow and interact with other Vine users.

9. Snapchat lets you share photos with captions with your friends. The interesting part is that these photos automatically delete themselves after a certain, very short, period of time.

10. TapTalk lets you communicate with your friends via photos and videos. It is a wonderfully speedy way to keep in touch.



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