6 Silly Reasons Why your Social Media Campaign was a Failure?

why your social media campaign failed

Social media has completely changed the marketing game across the world. More than half of the world’s population is using social media. So there are very bright chances you may find the right audience for your business on the social media websites. Hence social media provides you a convenient platform to reach your customer without spending much on big billboard and TV commercials.

why your social media campaign fails


Although Social media marketing is convenient and easy, it still needs the expertise of content writing and market understanding. More than 65% percent of Social media campaigns fail because of the lack of proper content and knowledge of the subject.

How do you know a campaign is a success or failure?

The first thing you should always consider before starting a campaign is to set a goal for that particular campaign. You might have huge following or fans on your social media page, your social media campaign can still fail because of bad content or wrong target audience.

why your social media campaign was unsuccessful

You can measure the success of your campaign by asking these question after every campaign.

  • Did you able to generate conversation about your product or service.
  • Are you able to add new subscribers to your campaign?
  • Did you able to generate any revenue from your campaign.

If you fail to fulfill all the above-mentioned goals then you need to work on your content and come up with the better campaign next time.

The success of your social media campaign cannot be measured only by the factor of how much revenue you generated. You might have generated the low return on investment initially. But if your campaign was good and able to attract the eyeballs, it will result in adding more subscriber hence more leads in the future.

Below are the few common mistakes people make while executing their social media campaign which leads to failure of your campaign and ultimately loss of money.

#1 Wrong Target Audience:

why your social media campaign fails targeting social media

Before executing any social media campaign first thing every marketer should figure out is what is the right audience for the product. This is a first and foremost exercise you have to do before starting any social media campaign.

If you do not specify the audience for your campaign, the network will show your campaign to random people which can decrease the probability of finding a right customer for your products

For Example: If you want to sell beauty products through your social media campaign. There is no point to displaying that campaign on a men’s social media page as there are minimum chances of a man buying beauty product.

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#2 Writing Bad Content

There is an old saying in digital marketing business “ Content is King”. This holds true even in social media marketing campaigns. The success of your Social media campaign depends heavily on your Content.

The content of your social media campaign should be precise. Use images, videos or infographics to convey your message. People tend to get attracted to visual medium more than written text.

Make sure you are giving all the necessary information about your brand keeping in mind what you want the target audience to know. Conduct a small survey from the people around you and try to implement the suggestions. Below is the example of a Well executed Social media campaign.

#3 Not Analyze your data

analytics in social media

Digital Marketing is a data-driven business. In social media marketing, there is no sure shot formula of success. Nobody can say what will work and what won’t with certainty, that’s why analyzing your data is very crucial.

Each social media websites provide analytics to its users to analyze the user behavior and adapt according to it. There are the numbers of free and paid tool available in the market to analyze how your social campaigns are working. For Example HootSuite, Buffer, Google analytics, and Klouts etc.

3 Important tips to analyze your data.

  1. Assess what is working and adjust your communication strategies and timing to improve results.
  2. Determine which content, social platforms, users, and other factors get priority. Use the social data to plan your strategies.
  3. Use the analytics data to determine the success of your strategy and overall value to your marketing strategy.

#4 Not Choosing the right Platform

Choose the right platform

Targeting the right platform is as important as targeting the right audience. To ensure the success of your social media campaign, be sure to target the platform that is most suitable for your campaign goals.

For Example: If you are looking to engage with senior business to business executives, LinkedIn is a good platform to use. On the other hand, if you would like to engage the young audience, Instagram or Facebook would be a better platform.

# 5 Poor User Experience

bad user interface user experience

If your social media campaign is designed to motivate the target audience to visit a company website. You have to be sure that you are providing website visitors with a pleasant website experience.

You have to make sure that the website is mobile optimized as the majority of social media users are using mobile phones to access their social media accounts.

User Experience: why social media campaign failed


Creating an appropriate landing page is very important for any social media campaign to work. Make sure your landing page fulfill the promises shown in your campaign and provide a call to action button to maximize the user experience of your customer.

#6 Not choosing right Social media Agency

The success of a social media campaign depends on how closely your campaign is related to company vision and brand voice. Hence it is very important to choose right Social media marketing agency if you are willing to outsource your social media management.

Make sure to be very specific in terms of goals and budget of each campaign with the agency you choose to go with. Now don’t be confused selecting an inexperienced digital marketing agency. 

marketing agency why your social media campaign was a big failure

In fact, we have made a list of best digital marketing agencies if you live in India. 

Best Social Media and Digital Marketing Agencies in Hyderabad

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If done properly social media marketing can do wonders for your business. Always keep the above-mentioned points in mind. Most importantly keep adapting the changes and keep on improving your content. Analyze your social media analytics effectively and make sure to provide awesome user experience to your customer.


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