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Top 5 Best Social Media Sites for Musicians to build Presence

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These days, websites alone don’t root the roost, even for budding musicians. After the failure of MySpace, today there are several new social media platforms, where a musician can upload their composition and encourage their fans to share them.

If you follow a strategy where you can digitally distribute your content then it won’t take much time to become popular on social media.

We made the list of top 5 best social media websites where you can publish your content promote the paid advertisement to reach a more people in less time. Social media is the best platform than anything else to go viral followed a proper social media strategy.

#1. FaceBook Page:

social media site for musicians

Even though facebook is not a niche social media channel, specifically for musicians, still it has enough power to make a musician’s composition go viral. It is almost mandatory that every musician has a facebook fan page. However, to make the most of it, the facebook page should stay activewith regular updates about the musician’s latest compositions, concerts, achievements etc. Musicians are able to add a tab on their facebook page using RootMusic and BandPage.

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#2. ReverbNation:

music sites for musicians reverbnation

ReverbNation has helped several novice musicians to kick start their career, by connecting them to the ideal bands, publishers, labels etc. It is a very effective channel for networking and collaborating with other fellow musicians. With proper tagging and selecting the right categories, the bands can successfully reach out to their target audience using ReverbNation.

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#3. SoundCloud

best sites for musicians soundcloud

SoundCloud is quite a user-friendly social media website, where a musician can upload their songs that anyone can listen to. This is a great resource for every newbie musician. Here they can upload their music and present it as samples to their prospective buyers.

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#4. BandCamp:

best sites for musiciansThis is the ideal DIY platform, where a musician can upload their digital music album. This is a highly customizable solution, where a musician can put his own price for his digital album or choose to allow the fans to download it for free. The fans can not only just stream and listen to the music, but are also able to interact with the musician through BandCamp.

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#5. Twitter

best social media sites for bob marley

Musicians can use twiturm to share their music easily, through their Twitter profile. This doesn’t involve any complicated streaming process. Also, the musicians can choose whether to allow the listeners to download the music file or just listen to them.

A lot of social networking sites, targeted to the musicians are coming up recently. The success of social media networking for the musicians lies greatly on the platforms they choose to be present on. Since, social media networking is an important factor for a musician’s success; it has to be done effectively. Without a proper strategy, social media marketing campaign will not yield the expected results!

Hope this article helped you in knowing the social media sites for musicians. If you have any sites which is not listed in the list, Do comment below. We would love the feature them.

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