Social Media Strategy Review- Big Cinemas


Big Cinemas is a familiar name in today’s era where multiplexes have become crucial need of individuals, especially the young generation. Multiplexes have become a source where people can get anything and everything under one roof. The big brands put lot efforts in attracting more customers and for that they use different platforms for reaching their valued customers. Let us have a look on what social media strategies Big Cinemas have introduced in their business.


Generic Observations

While conducting a normal Google search, you will get the words “Big Cinemas” at the very first rank. They have their website at the top and even no other link would appear in the top ten links of Google search. They also provide link which helps users to book online tickets and is quite easy though.


When you will search for their online properties you will notice that they have their presence everywhere. Whether it is Facebook or YouTube, Google+ or Twitter, you will get them everywhere. Well Big Cinemas is using these Platforms for sure but what are they doing there? Let’s find out.

Before we move further towards the detailed social media analysis of Big Cinemas that they are a leading brand and are offering their services to people who belongs to urban culture and are trying every possible way to be updated and popular.

Big Cinemas on Facebook: Big Cinemas fan page on Facebook contains five tabs and when the users will click on tab named “more” then, they will get a drop down list including some additional menus.


They are able to maintain a regular appearance on their page by sharing posts on a regular basis. Well sharing posts is a very effective way to keep fans following you repeatedly. On an average they manage to maintain a single post per day.


Though there fan following is just 216,983 but still they can perform better by posting some videos, starting campaigns etc. But still they are able to engage the interest of their fans by sharing something on usual basis.

Big Cinemas on Twitter: Like Facebook they are not having that much followers here as well. But they know how to make their followers connected with them. their tweets are regular and yes all their tweets are completely about their business.


But Big Cinemas have to work really hard to make use of these social media platforms to the fullest. only sharing can’t get them those results which they are expecting.


Big Cinemas on YouTube: They have also included YouTube in their social media strategy. They have their own channel on YouTube and viewers can get a number of Big Cinemas there. One of those videos is

Big Cinemas on Google+: There are very less brands having their appearance on Google plus, Big Cinemas is one of those.


Expert Views: Merely your presence can’t do anything. You must have to work hard to get noticed. Same is the case with Big Cinemas; they are present on a number of social media platforms but are not getting the desired results from any one of them. They need to change their working style when it comes to social media. Appealing content, any contest or campaign can give them a way better results than what they are having now.


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