[Tips and Tools] How to Create to Engaging Social Media Videos


All the social media experts have agreed that video content is a critical component in assisting the brand’s reach and engagement, but not all of us have the skill or right tools to create those videos. Before we jump to the how to create a social media video, let me give you some facts that will help you understand the importance of video content for your brand.


  • Videos on Facebook has 10X higher reach than YouTube links.
  • Engagement rate of videos is much higher than of images and text.
  • Tweets with video are 6x more likely to be Retweeted than Tweets with photos.
  • After viewing a video, 64% of viewers are more likely to make an online purchase.
  • 1/3 of all online activity is spent watching videos.

Marketers & brands are promptly accommodating to this change by including videos into their overall social media strategies.

In this blog post, you’ll discover what type of videos work best, Steps to create engaging videos and what tools you need to create them. So, without further a due let’s get started.

What type of Videos Work best on social media?

Although, each social network has its own quirks but there are some come traits to all social media videos to maximize social engagement. So here’s the list common characteristics of every successful video on all social media platform.

  • Short videos between 0 to 15 seconds are more successful. So, try to incorporate your message in 15 seconds. Ask yourself: “What is the most important message I need to deliver in this video?”
  • Videos on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram play without sound by default. So, Create your video with sound but also include text, subtitles or captions so that video makes sense without sound
  • If you are making a video for a brand try to Create an immediate association with your brand by flashing your logo.
  • Use 2D and 3D animation and or motion graphics to capture audience attention and to bring your ideas to life.
  • Last but most crucial point is to format your videos for mobile devices.

Steps to create engaging videos

Creating a video for your social media account can be really challenging even more than writing a blog post or designing an image. But a systematic stepwise approach can make things easier for you. So, here are four steps to create engaging videos for your social media account.

#1 Generate your idea

The first step to any successful social media video is a brilliant idea behind it. Here are a few quick ways to generate a ton of ideas:

  • Look at your top performing blogs: You can take some ideas from own blog. Find out some of the best tops visited blogs on your website and try to take ideas from there. As the audience has already resonated with your content. It is probably great content for your videos also.
  • Study What’s Trending Online: Analyze what content is performing best on any topic then try to incorporate the trending news with your brand’s sensibility.
  • Check out What’s going well for your competitor: Finally, you can also look around on social media to see what topics are popular at the moment. You can easily check out the top posts from your favourite or similar Facebook Pages.

#2 Plan the Video

Once you have the rough idea of your video you can start planning for it, either by writing a script or creating a storyboard.  Both are excellent ways to plan the entire flow of the video. I personally prefer storyboard as it helps me visualize how every frame would look like, which will be handy in future.

#3 Record your video or find a template

The third step is to record your video or find a stock template online from websites like Shutterstock. If you want to record a video you don’t need expensive video equipment you can use any smartphone with a good camera.  Most smartphones today can record videos of high visual and audio quality. Do not forget to find good lighting and a nice background for your video.

#4 Edit 

This is perhaps the most crucial step of your video making journey. Remember to keep your video short and effective. As stated above most successful social videos are between 0 to 15 seconds. So, only include the most important message you want to convey to the audience.

So, these were the four steps of creating a video. Along with these four steps you are going to need some tools. So, here is the list.

Top Online Tools to create engaging Social Media Videos

#1 Instagram apps

Instagram itself provides you with amazing native apps that are ideal for creating Short videos. For example, Boomerang to create videos that loop back and forth and Hyperlapse when you need to speed up your footage to create an easy time-lapse or keep it at normal speed with added stability.

#2 Biteable 

Also hailed as World’s Simplest Video Maker, Biteable is the choice of more than  3 million video marketers to create video ads, explainer videos, infographics, animations and more. You can either use a pre-made template or upload your own video and create an awesome video by adding your own text, photos, colours, and sound, and give amazing music to the video selecting a soundtrack from the library.

#3 Animaker

Animaker helps you to create studio-like animated videos without going to any big studios on your own. Animaker is a Fantastic Tool for Content Marketing On A Budget. You can choose plenty of lively characters and scenes for you to create your animated story. Animaker is primarily a storytelling tool. You can explain anything from a kid’s story to the history of your company. No limits. And for free.

#4 Quik

Quik is a mobile application for iOS and Android which allows you to create awesome videos on the go. You can transitions and effects, and then syncs everything to the beat of the music within a few minutes. You can also create quick videos by selecting photos and video clips from your mobile device.


So, this is the end to your guide to creating engaging social media video. Using even one or two of these types of videos in your Facebook or Instagram marketing and ad campaigns can help improve your visibility, reach and conversions. You’ll be surprised at the impact a video can make.


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