Tired Of Finding Weird Image Formats? Here’s An Easy Out

Image Format

A lot of times when you are looking for images online, you find the perfect pic after looking around for 15-20 minutes and you decide to download and edit the image, but instead of getting the image in a normal format, you get bombarded with these “New” annoying formats like JFIF or WebP.

Being honest, we ourselves were surprised when we found them, no uploader accepts a format like that making all the time spent in researching being wasted.

But worry not, we have found an easy way out of this scene. All you need is the image you want and two online tools:

  • coolutils
  • ezgif

Theses two online tools help you convert these images into JPEG or any other format you’d like, in an instant. All you need is to either insert the URL into these tools or upload the image and it’ll convert the image to JPEG or your desired format.

Here’s an example of ezgif:

Go to ezgif website, then select the webp to jpeg tab

Once you are there, start by either entering the URL of the image or upload the image in the ‘Choose file’ option. Click on upload.

You’ll get an option ‘Convert to JPG’, click & it’ll convert the image immediately into JPG format.

It’ll give you the converted image with some extra options like crop, resize, save etc.

The same goes for coolutils, it has a simple interface, just upload and convert and you are done.

Coolutils is especially beneficial for formats like ‘jfif’, it can convert images with a format like this to JPG with just a click.


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