Top 10 CDN (Content Delivery Network) Service Providers

Top 10 CDN Service Providers

CDN is short for Content Delivery Networks. It is a system of the server that delivers pages and other web content to the user according to the Geographic location of the users.

This server is useful in providing the web content to users with high traffic and websites that have a global audience. The closer the CDN server to the user’s geographic location faster the user can load the content. It also provides protection from large surge traffic.

Usage of CDN(Content Delivery Network):

CDNs can be useful in reducing latency, reducing the site load time and reduce bandwidth consumption. CDNs are used in the e-commerce transaction, video streaming, online games etc.

Top 10 Best CDN Service Providers

#1 Abacast:

Abacast provides the online radio market and provides a solution to create profitable web content and help to grow audience web, mobile and social. Abacast is one of the best CDN Service Providers in our list. URL:

#2 Accela:

Accela provides thousands of services and transaction solutions to millions of e-commerce websites across the world. Accela is also working with many governments to provide online services to the public. URL:

#3 Akamai Technology:

Akamai is the best service provider for e-commerce websites. It adapts to internet condition quickly and provides best user experience to customers with unparalleled speed and security. URL:

#4 Amazon Web Services:

Amazon cloud Front is the service for content delivery. It provides an easy way to distribute content to end user with low latency and high performance.

#5 BitGravity:

Bit gravity was founded in 2006. It was first content delivery system design for video streaming and live HD streaming. Bit Gravity is used by many websites which provide videos and line content. URL:

#6 Cachefly:

Cachefly is the leader in content delivery. with more than 2000 clients in over 80 countries, organizations choose cache fly for reliability, speed, and unbeatable performances. URL:

#7 CDNetwork:

CDNetworks enables Global Cloud Acceleration.CDNetwork is famous in Russia and China. It is the most trusted network for both local and global networks. URL:

#8 EdgeCast:

“Delivering data anytime anywhere” is the tagline of edge cast and they are best in that. It is the most reliable network for content delivery. It was founded in 2006. URL:

#9 Highwinds: 

A fast-growing number of organizations are leveraging the Internet to reach their customers with digital media content. This network is best for online video and audio streaming. URL:

#10 LimeLight Network: 

Lime light can help you deliver your content to your user efficiently and faster by managing your website and your videos and deliver it to mobile or desktop effectively. URL:

Peer1 Hostings:

PEER 1 Hosting supplies a broad range of Internet infrastructure solutions to businesses all over the world.PEER 1 Hosting provides highly scalable solutions that respond at Internet speed. URL:

How to select a CDN content delivery network?

Selecting a reliable web hosting can be challenging as selecting a CDN. But if you can manage to proof test before purchasing a CDN, you might be on the cheap and best side to use technology. Here are 5 things you should look into before selecting a content delivery network.

#1 Ratings 

The very first thing you should look before purchasing anything is the ratings of the product. Every one doesn’t dive a written review and looking at the ratings can give you the overall experience of the product.

#2 Technology

The technology the company is using, How expanded they are and what process they are using to deliver the content. Do their technology has ability all over the world. A well distributed content delivery network delivers the experience which is quite important for

#3 Stability

Stability of the company is another important factor you should look before purchasing a service for a long time. Content delivery is something which is not changed every day and you should do the same while selecting a content delivery network.

#4 Customer Review

Customers review is something which will give you specialized information about the things they are good or bad at. You should definitely look for cutomer care support which is quite important.

#5 Pricing

At the end even if the content delivery system is good and the price is unaffordable then it might not be friendly. You can compare the prices with CDN services like amazon and cloudflare.

I believe all the above information will helped you in selecting a good content deliery network for your business.


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