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Top 10 payment gateways in India for smooth transactions

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The payment gateway is something you cannot compromise on if you own a business online. The good thing is, In India, we have many companies which offer payment gateway with zero setup fee.

Now you must be wondering which is the best payment gateway in India for me.

Which payment gateway company is best for your business transaction?

A payment gateway is nothing but a medium between a user’s bank and merchant’s website. Whenever a user enters his/her card details in the website to pay, it goes to the payment gateway and then payment gateway verifies those details with the bank and then the transfer happens to the merchant’s bank.

Hence, There is nothing much of best or worst payment gateway service. You can choose anyone from the below-given list of payment gateways in India according to the charges and maintenance cost of each payment gateway.

Now with taking much of your time here is the list of best payment gateway India -2018

Top 10 payment gateways in India:

#1 Citrus pay payment Gateway:  

Citrus Payment Gateway is one of the most used payment gateways in India. It supports all kind of payment options and cards like Visa, Mastercard, American Express etc. The citrus payment process is secure and quick. This is one of the best payment gateways for small business as it has low setup fee and minimal charges.

#2 CCAvenue Payment Gateway:

CCAvenue Payment Gateway | Best payment gateway in india

CCAvenue is another popular payment gateway which provides multiple options to the user to pay. It even accepts credit cards like Mastercard, Visa, Eze Click, and Diners club etc.CCAvenue payment gateway page can be viewed in 18 different national and international languages and accepts payment in 27 different currencies.

#3 PayU Biz Payment Gateway:

best payment gateway in india

PayU Biz allows the merchant to accept and manage their payments online. PayU Biz allows you to accept payment in 13 different currencies and also handles online banking of some of the leading bank in India. It is One of the best payment gateways if your customers are mostly mobile users.

#4 Direc Pay Payment Gateway:  

Best payment gateway in india

Direc pay is another good payment gateway which accepts all kind of credit and debit cards. Direc pay also allows you to make payment through net banking. This payment gateway allows you to make payment in different currencies and is very secure and easy to use.

#5 Zaakpay Payment gateway:

direct pay | best gadgetry in india

Zaakpay is another popular payment gateway that supports all international and Indian MasterCard credit cards, Visa credit cards, Discover, and Diners credit cards. It is a secure gateway and the payments on this portal can be made using a few clicks.

#6 PayuMoney Payment Gateway:

payumoney best payment gateways in inida

PayuMoney is the simplest way to make an online payment. It is a part of Naspers group and serving more than 5000 merchants in India.PayuMoney provides a safe platform to the customers for making and receiving platforms.

#7 Bill Desk Payment Gateway:

telr best payment gateway in india

Bill Desk is a popular payment gateway that allows people to pay and receive all their bills at one place. A lot of Indian banks are connected with Bill Desk to make the payment process simple, quick and safe. Using Bill Desk, customers can decide how and when to make payments and they can also set payment reminders or alerts.

#8 Instamojo Payment Gateway:

instamozo best affiliate networks in india

Instamojo is one of the best payment gateways for the purchase of digital files, tickets, services, goods, music, videos, etc. It provides you safe and secure environment for your payments.

#9 Epaisa:

epaisa | best payment agteway in india

This payment gateway helps the merchant to receive the money and manage the account online. It is very fast and secure and accepts payments from all kind of credits and debits card. The payments are secure and the company provides 15-day money back guarantee.

#10 Airplay:

airpay | best payment gateway in india

This payment gateway allows merchants and businesses to accept debit or credit card payments on the website, and mobile apps in a secure and hassle-free manner.

How to select the best one for you among all the top payment gateways?

There should be a specific answer but you can consider these 3 points which will help you in evaluating the best payment gateway for you.

Processing Fee

The very first thing a company should consider is the processing fee. This is the amount you pay to the company when a transaction takes place. For example, if the company is offering 2% payment processing fee that means, you have to pay 2 rs when the transaction takes place.

Payment Medium

The payment is the 2nd important thing to be considered, the best payment gateway service will have almost all the popular payment modes. As paytm has become popular in India, it would be great to get a gateway which has paytm options availability. This not only saves customers but also increases your conversion rate.

Company Background Check

Company background . is the third checklist which one should check, there are thousands of companies which offers their gateway services to gambling service to many fishy services. Getting payment gateway from these companies won’t be recommended.

These were the top 10 best payment gateways in India. Hope this post helped you in selecting a payment gateway in India. If you have any suggestion don’t forget to add in the comment section below.


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