Top 9 Social Media Inspired Halloween Costumes


Given the impact of social in our personal as professional lives, today there are several social media inspired Halloween costume ideas, available for social media junkies. Below are top 10 social media Halloween costume ideas for you:

Pinterest Inspired Costumes


This idea is based on the concept of the old corkboard . You just have to print out something of interest and tape it to a corkboard, attach a string to become a real life pinterest board.

Mark Zuckerberg Costume:


This is very easy and it does not require any effort. You will need a sweatshirt, pajamas and slippers to dress up like this social media king.

Facebook Profile Page:


Although it is quite common, however, it is quite fun in high school and college Halloween parties. Just get a little creative and make your own facebook profile costume with craft supplies.

Mayor of Foursquare


With this costume, anyone can be the mayor of foursquare with just a DIY costume and a crown. Although it is an inexpensive option but it requires a bit of creative thought.

Ice Bucket Challenge


This was one of the most popular ideas for Halloween costumes in 2014. Customized ice bucket challenge costumes are made and available in the market. This makes for a very creative costume that contributes to ALS awareness.

Words with Friends


This popular social media game was finally made in to a physical board. It made one of the popular costumes for Halloween in 2014 .Bring your favorite game into life with this costume. Just think of the words that you would want to spell.



One new idea for Halloween costume is instagram. You just have to pick an instagram filter and cut out a cardboard in the shape of its border to paint it and use fabric. This will get an effect of an instagram filter.

SnapChat Costume:


You can easily create a snapchat ghost costume for Halloween. All you need is a white sheet and easy to find craft items, to create a spooky social media costume.

HashTag Halloween Costume:


You could buy hashtag costumes or do-it-yourself with some papers, glue, ribbon and pictures downloaded from the Internet. A lot of Halloween parties in 2014 saw several couples in hashtag costumes.


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