Top 10 Chatbots on Facebook-2022


Facebook Messenger has become the new venue for marketing in last one year. Since the Facebook has implemented chatbots, more and more companies have been introducing their own chatbots on the platform.


The idea of the chatbot is to interact with your audience without using any manpower. Yes the AI has made it possible you can interact with them and receive information in a smarter and more intuitive way almost like having a conversation here is the list of top 10 chatbots.

Top 10 Chatbots on Facebook 2017

#1 CNN

CNN news agency has one of the most interactive Facebook messenger chatbots. The chatbot gives you options to get notifications for the top stories of the day, recommendations based on your favorite topics, or you “Ask CNN”.

#2 And Chill

And Chill is the Chatbot fro Netflix. You just have type AndChill in the category the chatbot will give you few recommendations. It’ll feel a bit more like a personal suggestion and a little less like the mindless Netflix browsing we all spend hours doing.

#3 Duo Lingo

Duo Lingo is already a popular application to learn different languages. Dou Lingo chatbot also serves the same purpose. The chatbot is fluent in French, Spanish, and German and responds to queries like “How do say hello in Spanish”.

#4 Hello Jarvis

Hello Jarvis can only do one task and it’s simple: reminders. But if you’ve always wanted your reminders apps to be more personal.

#5 Kayak

Kayak chatbot makes your traveling plan easier. You can easily find flights and hotel availability by chat. It’ll ask you simple questions like the destination and travel date and will show you the best fares.

#6 Live Lokai

It is a chatbot fro Lokai. It is is a bot that embodies a girl from Ethiopia named Yeshi who walks more than two hours away to find clean drinking water. It does a great job telling her story and you can even donate money to the organization.

#7 Meme Generator

This Chatbot allows to make a quick meme. You can easily Search for templates, add your zingers, and then export it to your camera roll.

#8 Pancho

Pancho is one of the best chatbots to get weather updates. It will give you the latest updates based on your location and can also deliver weather summaries based on the time of your choosing.

#9 Sephora

This chatbot helps you to find a right product for yourself you just have to answer few questions and it will give you content and product recommendations based on your tastes.

#10 The Score

This is a chatbot for sports enthusiasts so if you’re looking to get sports scores and news then TheScore is the bot for you. You can select your favorite teams to follow to get real-time updates.


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