Top 10 Competitor Analysis Tools in 2022


Competitor analysis is the first step to any marketing strategy. Competitor analysis tools allow you to analyze different website’s content and keywords from your competitor which may help you to grow your blog or website.

competitor analysis

Competitor analysis tools can also be used to know the website’s insights for getting new ideas for marketing and to figure out important metrics like social media, traffic on sites, advertising, search optimization. These tools are used to know the marketing strategy of other websites and to know about the quality of content.

So, here is the list of best competitor analysis tools available in the market.

10 Top Competitor Analysis Tools

#1 SpyFu

SpyFu is the most commonly used tool among any other competitor analysis tools. This tool is used to track the backlinks and ranking of websites. SpyFu provides top keywords that are making those websites more famous and profitable. SpyFu searches for the top rated sites and provides both type of keywords i.e. paid and organic keywords for improving the SEO of your website. SpyFu also offers links and PPC (Page Per Click) advertising. SpyFu is available free with limited data, but you can purchase this tool by paying $33/month.

Steps to use SpyFu

First, you need to go on the home page of SpyFu and enter the website URL in the search box.
Now a page will open in which you can quickly analyze both the keywords i.e. paid and organic keywords of your competitor’s website.
In last if we want to download those profitable keywords than we need to click on the export tab to export the keywords of the website and then you can download the keyword in PDF and CSV.

#2 SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb is the accurate and one of the trusted competitor’s analyses tool. It is used to provide the country rank, global rank and category rank of a website. SimilarWeb is the oldest tool among other analysis tools. It is used to get the website traffic, and it also shows the graph that contains the number of users who have visited the website in the past six months. This tool is available free, but it only shows the data for the past three months. If we want to know more about the competitor’s website then there are three plans in it, i.e. the Basic plan that cost $99/month, advanced plan costs $599/month, and enterprise plan requires you around $2,999/month.

Steps to use SimilarWeb

You need to open the website of SimilarWeb and put the URL of the site that you want to search.
It provides the global rank, category rank, and country rank.
It shows the web traffic and graph which indicates the visitors of past six months.

#3 Ahrefs

Ahrefs tool owns the most extensive database among any other tools; it owns approx. 4 billion phrases.  Ahrefs shows the IPs and external links of your competitor’s website. This tool is also used for tracking the backlinks and your own website’s keywords. It has both free and paid options. You can track the backlinks and keywords of your competitor’s website. You can also find the IPs of your competitor.

#4 Monitor Backlinks

Monitor Backlinks is a new tool in the market. Monitor backlinks provide good and bad links to yours and competitor’s website. This tool offers us new links, lost links and also tell us when the domain changes. Once we set up our account in monitor backlinks, then we get information through the mail. This tool can be available free for 30 days trial after that you need to pay.

This tool will create a comparison between the results of your website and competitor’s website. It will email you about your competitor’s backlinks and check for the highest and lowest domain links of the competitor’s website.

#5 Social Bakers

Social bakers tool is used to create content for your website. It provides us with the look into the competitor’s promoted posts of social media. By this, you can publish creative and useful content, and we can manage our social media platforms in one place. We can use this tool free, but it comes with the 14-day trial period.

#6 Rival Fox

Rival Fox is the critical tool for getting information about competitor’s website. This tool shows the marketing strategies that our competitor uses, and this tool also helps to grow our website. If talking about the price of this tool then it is negotiable. You can graphically monitor the competitor’s marketing strategies to grow your website. By this tool, we can measure our website’s progress and grow them.

#7 Google Alerts

Google alerts the best and free tool that can be used to know about competitor’s keywords and backlinks. This tool informs you whenever your competitor posts and whenever they use some keywords. It is free of cost so it can be used anytime from anywhere. It tracks the social mentions, keywords, and backlinks of the competitor’s website.

#7 SEMrush

SEMrush is one of the most effective and functional SEO tools. It will not only show the information but also help to increase the traffic to your website. SEMrush provides backlinks, keywords and paid searches of competitor’s site. We can use SEMrush for free up to the 30-day trial period.

Steps to use SEMrush

First, you need to log in to the website of SEMrush and enter the URL of the site.
After entering the URL, SEMrush provides organic search, paid search, top keywords used in website and count of backlinks.
Find the top keywords and use those keywords into your website to increase your website’s ranks.

#8 Alexa 

Bloggers who are blogging for many years knows everything about Alexa. It is used to identify every insight of your website. Alexa also provides global, country ranks for yours and competitor’s site. Alexa is the best tool to analyze a competitor’s website. Approximately every person who owns a blog uses Alexa plugins and extensions. If I talk about the price then this tool is entirely free.

Steps to use Alexa

You need first to enter the domain of competitor’s site.
Alexa will show you the traffic, ranks, bounce rate, and page views of competitor’s website.
It also provides you the top keywords that are using the competitors.

#9 Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is used to generate top keywords for your website, and it also tells about the keywords used in the competitor’s site. By this, we can easily monitor your website and competitor’s website. Google keyword planner is entirely free. You can use it just by signing up.

Use of Google Keyword Planner

Track the paid and organic traffic of a competitor’s website.
Monitor your website and also generate the keywords for your site to increase the ranks globally.

#10 QuickSprout

QuickSprout competitor analysis tool to learn about sites similar to yours and to figure out how to outrank them.


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