Top 10 Mother’s day campaigns 2021


Mother’s day, one of the most celebrated international day. The day, on which all the mothers are being honored, showered with gifts and appreciations for their selfless love. Everyone will be in hunting to find a perfect gift for their mothers on the mother’s day. This particular season is seen as a great opportunity for the brands and companies to increase their sales. They make a great effort in promoting their brands to attract the people.

This results in making most beautiful campaigns with a great message showing the emotional and joyful true moments that relates to the real life to advertise their products and brands. Last year there were many campaigns that were really eye-catching and innovative showcasing the nature of every mother. This year was also not any less for these campaigns, every company has created the meaningful ads that also gives the message along with the promotion of their companies.

So let us have a look at those top 10 mother’s day campaigns of 2018.

#1 Ola

The Ola’s #MomsOnTheMove campaign is one among the best mother’s day campaigns. This campaign has shown how the moms are actually adapting to the present generation and technology.they are ahead of using all present apps including ola. This video shows a mother video calling her son and by seeing his overgrown hair urges him to go for a haircut and simply says whether she should book an Ola cab for him. This video is filled with fun and is related to normal mother and son relationship.

#2 Birla Gold 

This video campaign by BBH India has based on the insight that a mother’s womb is our first living place and our first home. It showcases their built homes and buildings which has no rules and restrictions just like in our mother’s womb. It compares the houses they have built to the mother’s womb.

#3 Britannia Good Day 

This film captures the relationship between a mother and her child. The premise of the film is that today’s mother has a smile for every occasion, a different one for each emotion. The underlying quality of each smile is love and understanding. This film celebrates this mother’s day as #Mother off all smiles. “On mother’s day, we celebrate the many smiles that mom bestows on us, that go on to make the world a happier place for us. The brand that is all about smiles, celebrates the women who add so much beauty and meaning to it, making us want to keep her smiling more, “said Priya Shivakumar, ECD, and creative head.


Pandora, the Danish jewelry company’s best-seller over the years has been charm bracelets that can be customized to reflect a wearer’s unique interest and characteristics. This year Pandora came up with an advertisement that depicts a woman changing a tire. The ad shows the power and strength of the women. The ad says “My strong mother”, “Celebrate who she is this mother’s day”.

#5 Good knight Activ+ 

This ad was filmed by J Walter Thompson.  This ad shows the children mimicking their mothers. The children act how their mother does and label them as “super chef mom”, “BFF mom”, “boss mom”, “Mentor Mom”. The idea was to show a different kind of mothers and get children to share that emoji with them on social media platforms.

#6 Mercedes India 

This film by creative land Asia portraits the mothers as “the perfect co-drivers” and calls them “The Worlds Safety System”. This film shows the mother and son driving a car, then mom gives instructions to go slow, chide her son on applying brakes, and lectures on how to drive safely which shows the mother role as the safety system. She is labeled as the “most adorable safety system”.

#7 Turtle 

The Turtle, one of the men’s lifestyle brand has filmed a beautiful ad in which the pain that undergoes by the mother when carrying her baby for 9 months. In this video, a man carries the weight around his belly that a mother carries only for nine days. But he surrenders after a week, accepting he couldn’t due to the discomfort. This film has really shown the greatness of the motherhood.

#8 Tata Steel Pravesh 

This ad film visualizes the tough nature that a mother has, but is ignored by the society. It was filmed by J Walter Thompson. The modern-day household brand had paid a great tribute to all the mothers by celebrating their unsung tough side. The idea behind this ad is with the toughness of the mother opens every door that helps her child.

#9 PNB Metlife 

PNB Metlife, an insurance company’s campaign on the mother’s day shows the lovely relationship between a mother and a daughter, the mother urges her daughter to take off her jacket and be comfortable. This video gives the viewers the idea of the present moms who gives the strength to stand for what’s right and ensure that we have the freedom to express ourselves and be who we want to be.

#10 Dominos India 

The dominos India, and on the mother’s day with #MaaNahiBhoolti shows the son who left his mother in the old age home. In that old age home, the mother always remember her son, she always asks the lady whether her son has phoned, but he hasn’t anytime. She remembers what her son likes to drink and eat. She earns the money, by tailoring and orders her son’s favorite domino’s pizza to her son’s address. He then learns from his mistakes and her unforgettable love. He comes back to his mother and asks her to forgive him. This shows that mother doesn’t forget anything, even if you do not care for her.



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