Top 10 Online Reputation Management Tools

ORM Tools

Management is the toughest part of any company or business. Maintaining the reputation of your company in the market is so difficult. In a company, there are so many employees that own different departments like Editing Department, Accounts Department, Marketing, and Development Department, HR Department and many more. The marketing team always take care of all the primary duties of promoting the business on the online and offline platforms and this department also manages the reputation of your company by sort of marketing media like Television, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing that can be done on YouTube and many platforms. If you are running an online business like you are running an e-commerce website then it is must to have proper marketing channels and promote the business on the web is must to increase the growth and sales of your company. At that time you must have the best ways to manage the online reputation of your business. Every online business owner dreams that one day their website will be in the top position. By managing the online reputation they can increase the ranking of their website and their website will be displayed in the top search results of Google. Some points that is important to maintain the reputation of your business:

  • It is must to understand the audience.
  • Always be transparent.
  • It is important to become a social listener.

So for this business owners uses different tools for managing the online reputation and today we will focus on the top 10 tools for the better management of your online reputation.

UberVU ORM Tool

It is the best ORM (Object-Oriented Mapping) tool among the top ORM tools that is used for managing the online reputation of a company. It provides full analytics and insights like patterns, influencers, stories etc. of your social media platforms. This application is available in a free trial period; you need to pay some money to use this online reputation tool. When you open an account in UberVU then you will get unlimited clients and notices with training support and also you will get the whole setup facilities for your company. Some top features of UberVU are reaping of data, administration of Facebook and Twitter and easy engagement.



Radian6 is the best application to connect with your target audience. It tells about the discussions happening around the world about your famous brand. This app is most used by the small enterprises. Radian6 consists of many features like Excel Add-in, chatting support by the sales force, real-time dashboard and it manages the social media discussions.

Reputation Defender

reputation defender

Reputation Defender is used to remove the downs of the online reputation. This tool has a SEO expertise in a big number that can help you to boost your website’s SEO and can increase your brand image. It has some features like personal marketing machine, it helps to track your own reputation, and it helps to improve your online entity.

Visible ORM Tool


Visible is the best ORM tool that is used by the advertisers, in the offices, research groups, and other companies. It has some noticeable features like tracking brand excitement among users, listening and by this, we can access the sentiments of the consumer.

Sentiments Metrics ORM Tool

sentiment metrics

Sentiments Metrics is the ORM tool which provides you the analytics about who are talking about you, your brand and their items on different platforms like blogs, news, and online journals. There are some features like sentiment benchmarking and easy designs etc.


mention orm tool

The name itself describes that it mentions you whenever someone denotes your target keywords, your name or image. It is the best managing tool among the online reputation managing tools. This tool is available on Desktop, Web, iOS, and Android. Whenever someone discusses you or about your company’s brand then it will notify you. It also provides a summary report to you. It is a free as well as a paid application so if you want to go for the paid version then there are three premium plans i.e lite, ace and enterprise. There are many features of Mention ORM, among those some of them is that it can track your notices and also you can set real-time alarms.

Brandseye ORM Tool


It is the best app for getting accurate insights of your website. Brandseye provides a brief discussion about brand, campaigns, organization name and representatives. It also provides important notices directly on emails, sending notices by SMS, Twitter or RSS. This online reputation tool has more than 40 factors such as dialect, nation, media and brand pertinence. It provides different features to the clients like it tells the reputation score of your company’s website and it provides a detailed report of your competitors.

Attentio ORM Tool

It is the best tool to monitor the social media platforms. It is an online platform which monitor and tells you about the people who are writing about your image, what they are writing and it also provides different suggestions for your company’s brand about the social media channels which is maintaining the top position among different channels. It also tells about the advantage of online discussion. There are many features in this tool like live charts, sentiment analysis, analytics and segmentation.

Google’s Me on the Web Tool

Google has made ‘Me on the Web’ tool for the marketers. By this business owners can monitor their online entity. This tool is the component of the Google Dashboard and this tool provides Google Alerts on your email address that are present on your website’s content. This tool also includes features like tips & resources that is used to maintain the online identity of your website and also helps you to monitor your site. It will also give notifications to you whenever your content is being shared on the web.



It is the most famous tool used for managing the online reputation of your company. In this tool we can manage different sites like social media channels, web journals, blogs, discussions, news sites and different platforms of media sharing. This online reputation tool comes with decent premium plans which are dependent on the both enterprise and individual use. It comes with 10 trials and by this business owners can get idea about how to use this tool and also can decide that which premium plan is better for them. There are many features of Tackur like Insights, full coverage of social media, sentiment and influence analysis.



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