Top 10 SEO Plugins For WordPress To get Higher Rankings


The best source of traffic for your website is Search Engines only. Getting organic traffic from the search engines is the boon for any website. WordPress is the most SEO friendly content management system. More than 60 percent of websites on the web are using WordPress as CMS. WordPress SEO plugins play an important role in helping millions of website owners to optimize their sites and rank better in the search results.


WordPress has hundreds of paid and free SEO plugins but not all of them delivers the expected results. Here in this BlogPost, I will tell you the top 10 SEO Plugins For WordPress to Get Higher Rankings.

Top 10 SEO Plugins For WordPress:

#1 WordPress SEO by Yoast

Yoast SEO — WordPress Plugins

Yoast is the most widely used SEO plugin for WordPress. This is a free SEO tool which provides all the feature to optimize your website including XML sitemap for your website. It can help you to understand how well your post is optimized before you published it.

#2 All in one SEO pack:

All in one-SEO-Pack-wordpress

All in one SEO pack is the most downloaded SEO plugin in WordPress. This plugin offers all the features needed to create an SEO friendly website. This is a beginner friendly SEO tool which helps you to optimize your website for search engines. It will automatically optimize the title of your post for search engines.

#3 Premium SEO pack


Premium SEO is another helpful SEO tool for WordPress to create an optimized web page. This SEO plugin comes with minification tool which will help you to make your website quicker and offer a better user experience.

#4 SEO Pressor


SEO pressor uses a well-guided approach to optimize your webpage. It comes with the built-in keyword research tool which allows us to find the best keywords for our website.You can use those keywords for your website which will help you to optimize your page.

#5 WP Meta SEO


It is another very powerful SEO plugin for WordPress. It keeps you updated with SEO status of your website with its dashboard. This SEO plugin is very easy to use and its settings are very easy to understand. It has a Bulk SEO feature which can be very efficient and time-saving.

#6 SEO Ultimate


It is another very useful SEO plugin for WordPress. With this plugin, you will be able to edit your meta description, open graph, rich snippet and 404 monitoring so that you can increase click-through rate in Google Search result.

#7 W3 Total Cache:

W3 total cache plugin

With good SEO, the performance of the website is also very important. Google Search ranking also decides on the performance of the page. So, if you want to monitor the performance of your website along with SEO. W3 total cache is the must use SEO plugin.

#8 SEO by Squirrly


Squirrly SEO helps you to create content which is bot friendly. So it will help your web page to optimize and keep your user engaged. This tool will tell you if your page is up to mark regarding SEO.

#9 SEO Internal Links


Internal Links are very important part of the optimizations of your page. This SEO plugin for WordPress ranks your page as per the usage of internal links on your page.

#10 SEMrush


SEMrush is the premium SEO plugin for WordPress which can provide good returns on your website. you can learn about the keywords you can rank for, the kind of traffic you can get, analyze your competitors in detail and lot more.


So this was our list of Top 10 SEO plugin for WordPress. I would advise you to try one or two plugins for yourself and check which one is work best for you.


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