Top 10 Tools To Check Google Keyword Ranking


Keyword ranking is responsible for the rank of a website in a particular search engine result page. Any SEO oriented website owners or marketers aim to capture and tends to rank in the top three positions of the result page. The keyword ranking is a detailed analysis of a particular keyword and measures it is ranking over time.

Keyword ranking is an essential factor for your website ranking in the result page. Now the question arises how to rank a keyword?

A deep understanding of keyword is needed, and proper analysis is necessary in order to do so. You have to do some proper strategic planning to overcome the barriers and get a better ranking in the vast ocean of search engine result.

Let me help you with some tips that can come in handy. If you can follow this, you can get a better ranking.

  • Start with mixing up your on-page optimization: On page denotes both HTML code as well as the content of the particular website; optimizing both of them refers to on page optimization. This can drive traffic to your website and boost it to a better ranking. It goes to every page of the website. If properly done it will attract your relevant traffic. Suitable keyword related to your content plays a significant role.
  • Use keyword modifiers: A keyword modifiers are the specific phrase of keywords that is planned for a long tail strategy for ranking. It adds value to your core keywords. The modifier applies to a single aspect of the keyword and enhances its potential. For example “best furniture online” best is the modifier here in this phrase.
  • Try to cover deep than your competition: In this cut-throat competition to get the leading edge you have to overcome the keyword strategy of your competition. Try to enrich your content and focus on using less popular keywords. Do not use commercial keywords. Understand the variety of keywords relevant to your content and use them accordingly.

These tips can help you with your website ranking.

Now it’s going to be even more interesting. I am going to list down some of the tools that can help you to check your Google keyword ranking.

DYNO Mapper

The number one position goes to DYNO Mapper for a reason. It is the only tool that can generate sitemap as well as track your keywords. It is readily available, and you can create your sitemaps just by entering Uniform Resource Locator (URL). You can import keywords automatically and generate keyword tracking report on daily basis. You can even test your website’s accessibility.


It is one of the most popular tools available. SEM Rush is an all in one marketing toolkit. It allows you to see competitor’s best keyword and helps you with the observation of the position changes in the domain. Also allows you to find out new competitors. It locates the best keywords for your SEO and PPC campaigns. You can even generate your long-tail keywords.

Google Keyword Planner

It is also one of the most popular tools offered by Google. This tool is focused on the Google Keyword tool and Adwords. With the help of this tool, it is quite easy to create new ad groups and ad campaigns.


WooRank is an SEO analysis tool to improve website traffic and conversion. It offers various interesting utility features like Keyword tool, SEO monitoring, site crawl, etc. You can track performance, monthly search volume and competitor rankings with Keyword Tool. You can also rectify the problems regarding site crawl with this tool.

SERP Watcher

It is a great tool offered by Mangools. You can track keywords based on your geo-location with is tools. If you like you can go for their paid plans at quite reasonable rates.


This tool quite favorite among many digital marketers. It offers tons of features. One of its unique features is that it automatically detects what keyword your website is ranking for and you can specify ranking based on country.

SERP’s Keyword Rank checker

It is a free keyword rank checker tool which allows more than one search engine positions. Apart from that it also shows CPC and search volume data, for any keyword or phrase.

SEO Centro Rank Checker

This also allows you to check the rank in multiple numbers of search engines. It provides you with the data of the ranking of a specific keyword across various search engines.

Moz Rank Tracker

This tool helps you to track keywords from Google. If you are a blogger, you may already be familiar with this tool. They also provide with various SEO tools that can boost your ranking. This tool sends a regular notification to your email about any updates regarding your keywords.


It is also a free tool that helps you to analyze your keyword ranking in Google. It also offers additional features important website metrics like domain age, Alexa rank, domain authority, page authority, etc.

As I conclude if you are having trouble with keywords for your website, you can put good use this piece of information. You can get a better rank in SERP with these available tools.


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