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Travel blogging is one of the top money making niche all over the world. India has one of the world’s most enthralling destinations. And don’t we all love to travel and explore new places, foods and different cultures? But there are very few of us who transform their love for travelling into the way of living and earning money from it. Yes, there are travel bloggers in India who not only share their each and every experience in their travel blog which people love to read and follow them for their travel plans.

Travel stories India


In this blog post, we will talk about such top travel bloggers from India and their blogs which you can follow if you want to make your next trip an unforgetful experience. These popular travel blogs let you know about hidden destinations and take you on a fascinating journey with their tales and photographs. So let’s get started with our list of top travel bloggers in India

#1 Anuradha Goyal || Inditales


Anuradha is the author of one of the most followed travel blogs in India “Inditales”. Anuradha started her blog way back in 2004. She started this blog by sharing her travel stories and slowly she build her own audience. Courtesy to this she has travelled to 15 countries and nook and corners of India. She has also spoken at Tourism conferences, Travel and Tourism Events, Student community events and mentored a few startups in travel space. Mainstream media has been kind to cover both IndiTales and me as its author.

Visit her travel blog:


Venkat Ganesh

Venkat is popular travel bloggers in India among bikers. He started his blog to share his travelling stories with his friends and family. His blog is focussed on motorcycle touring, backpacking advice and responsible travelling. At the same time,  the blog serves to an audience of intrepid travellers, who’re looking for advice, information and inspirations to make the best of journeys. Venkat’s travel blog influence and inspire you to hit the road, if you are on a mission to travel across India on Motorbike

Visit his travel blog:

#3 Parnashree Devi || My Travel Diary


Parnashree started My Travel Diary” a few years back to share her Travel Stories with the world. It was just for sheer passion. Today “My Travel Diary” is considered as one of the Top Travel Blogs in India. Parnashree has been to 17 states and more than 60 places in India while travelling and loves capturing each moment into her camera. She was also part of MTV road trip show called “Nano Drive with MTV” where she travelled  Five states, 21 days, 21 destinations covering 5000 KM across western India in a Nano car.

Visit her travel blog:

#4 Siddhartha Joshi || The Wanderer

Siddhatha joshi

Siddhartha is an India based Designer, Blogger, Photographer and Travel blogger. He enjoys travelling as much as sharing his stories and photographs from around the world with people to inspire them to make even more wonderful journeys themselves His blog’s name is ‘The Wanderer’ where he talks about the places he visits, people he meets.

Visit his travel blog:

#5 Ankita Sinha || Anki On The Move

ankita sinha

Ankita Sinha is one of the most stylish travel bloggers in India. She manages to beautifully convey what she feels about places she visits on her blog Anki On The Move. Ankita is India’s Award-winning Travel Adventure Fashion Blogger. At Ankionthemove you can find 380+ travel stories, 15+ sports,100+ videos and her experience from more than18 Countries

Visit her travel blog:

#6 Priyanka Dalal || MAPROUTE TRAVEL BLOG

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Priyanka is a Digital Marketer by profession and her forays into travel started in 2009. She also has a yoga centre in Coimbatore. She has travelled south India, North India including the Himalayas, Europe, Australia and Taiwan. Her blogs talk about the countries she has visited and cycling experience in different corners of the world.

Visit her travel blog:

#7 Shivya Nath || The Shooting Star

travel blogs india

At age 23 (in 2011) Shivya quit he corporate job to travel the world. Her blog ‘Shooting Star’ motivates young women who wish to be independent and take solo travels. She is an Indian travel blogger who likes to discover and write about lesser-known destinations. Shivya has been to more than 20 countries across four continents and also writes for various online and offline publications.

Visit her travel blog:

#8 Dheeraj Sharma || Devil on Wheels

dheeraj sharma

Dheeraj Sharma is an avid traveller and has a zest for driving whilst exploring new places & sharing back those travel experiences with the other fellow travellers. Professionally he is into Software Development and enjoys every bit of new life and travel in India and the United States of America. His blog is his hobby and passion for travelling to the Himalayas and getting connected with them in one or the other form.

Visit his travel blog:

#9 Sankara || Be On The Road

Sankar travel blog

Sankara is perpetual and travelled around the world and touched all the 7 continents. He started his blog “Be On The Road” is a testimony of his love for travel, blogging, and photography. His travel articles have been featured in National Geographic Traveller India Magazine, Deccan Chronicle newspaper. Sankar has been featured by the very best international and domestic travel and media brands.

Visit his travel blog:

#10 Niranjan Das || Tales of Nomad


R. Niranjan Das is passionate about travel, be it long bike rides or treacherous trekking or leisure holidaying or backpacking through the countryside or an engrossing train journey. He dreams of setting foot in every single country on planet earth, meeting adorable strangers and learning about new cultures. His articles have been featured on Travel + Leisure, The Hindu, Yahoo, Spice Flair and CLAY. You can learn more about Niranjan’s travel experiences on his blog Tales of a Nomad.

Visit his travel blog:



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