Top 5 Funky Accessories For Your Friday Night Party


Back in the day, parties would be celebrated only on special occasions, and people would wait eagerly to dress up for the same. With time, all that has changed and now we do not need a particular reason or a special occasion to party. The only requirement for a party is your friends, a place, groovy music, and some great food. Yet another Friday nearing and yet another party invite but do not have an outfit ready? Here are some funky ideas you could try on for your next party and make a kickass outfit.

Enamel Pins

Also known as Lapel Pins, they are small pins that can be worn on clothing. Now, if you have a collection of some unique lapel pins and are tired of letting them sit around, attach a couple of related ones to your party outfit. Enamel pins are more like an all-rounder and go well with anything you choose to wear. Wearing denim or a leather jacket? Attach a couple of enamel pins on either side for a rocking look. Wearing a deep backless? Attach one of these on the back of your dress. Other ideas you could work are using them as a pendant for your chain and attaching them to your waistline.

Button Clip-on

Attending a hip party? Then clip-on buttons are a must. Bring out the hipster in you with some trendy and funky clip-on buttons attached to your shirt or party outfit. Ditch the regular shirt styles with the buttons that come with it and try this interesting idea instead. Clip-ons are also an excellent option if you are wearing suspenders. Choose your favorite clip-on for the suspender as a final touch to the outfit and leave for the party.

Button clips are the latest trend in the market and were recently introduced. Everbtn is such a brand that came up with the idea and offers customized printing.

everbtn clipons

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Glow In The Dark Accessories

Neon never goes out of style. Be it rings or headbands or wrist bands, glow in the dark accessories always add a fun element to any Friday night party. If the party you are attending is of a Neon theme, you could step up a notch and wear neon clothes that would glow in the dark. Wear a pair of neon shutter glasses that will groove with you while dancing.

Hair Accessories

Hats or tiaras, a party outfit can be incomplete without either of them. Find a suitable hat that will go perfect with your outfit at the same time looks funky. A Fedora hat for this occasion would go perfectly will make you look hip. For the ladies out there, pair up your glamorous dress with a pretty little tiara.


Any outfit remains incomplete without a pair of earrings. They can change your entire look for better. A pair of big silver hoops or a pair of trendy feather earrings, whichever go with your outfit. Earrings are not only restricted to women. Yes, men can rock earrings too. You could take a clip-on ear stud(s), preferably metal, and pair them with your outfit.

Everbtn makes premium quality and unique accessories for every occasion. They have ideas and accessories for individuals as well as corporate requirements. These button clip with customized designs can be worn on shirts, formal blouses, party wear, formal shirts, and polo shirts. Besides, they also take orders for cufflinks as well.


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