Top 8 Hand-Picked PPC Features For Marketers To Try

Top 8 handpicked ppc features for marketers to try

From the ‘90s to ’20s, advertising has taken a great shape from billboards to digital screens and virtual ad banners. Marketers started finding many ways to get organic traffic to find market products.

Digital marketing as we know, how much it evolved with all the realms of marketing and one such realm we are going to feature about is PPC. The element is one of the pegged and most used strategies with marketers besides, keywords, social media, content etc. which they implement to be alive in the first page of search.

PPC?! In a simple language

PPC is a Pay-Per-Click internet advertising model. It lets advertisers pay a publisher to display their market via a search engine, website owner, or a network of websites when an ad is clicked by users to drive traffic.

In digital space, PPC is one of the most dependent advertising models to target the market in which the content/web sites charge the advertisers price per click.

Social media leviathans Facebook and Twitter, and some of the other platforms have adopted the advertising models.

PPC Features is a stretch to your business in internet marketing

In digital space, every element is pretty important to run a solopreneur or a startup marketing to an organization or a well-known company. Both Keywords and PPC are stand-alone elements for the market, but alone, content keywords or social drama will not make you stand in a spotlight.

With PPC feature included, it is like you are giving a stretch to your business, making the internet world know about who and what your product is about.

Like SEO, PPC also has features that leverage your market and steer traffic to a business.

So, let’s click per points to know more about the PPC features that help marketers to gain a better traction of viewers.

Hint-Per-Click: Generally, PPC is associated with Google Ads and Binge Ads (first-tier search engines).

Top 8 Hand-Picked PPC Features For Marketers To Try

1. Microsoft ads

Microsoft ads are one of the best PPC features to use by marketers. The function may be not remembered that easily, but it serves best. Google and Microsoft are partners for helping ads. They comprise other sites which to serve ads backed by Microsoft of Google.

Microsoft exclusively provides ads to Yahoo search traffic where data is integrated into the reports.

Microsoft ads for PPC market

In Microsoft Ads and Google Ads, you can see a performance in a campaign view or by using the segment button for performance.

Hint-Per-Click: To use this feature, you can go to campaign settings and opt for search partners to see the performance.

2. Account Notes Panel by Google Ads

Google Ads, no need for asserting, as itself is the best PPC to track your ads. A marketer can include notes for maintaining the records of PPC details using notes panel. The notes panel will make document changes, budget changes, performance observations and more.

Notes panel by google ads

Hint-Per-Click: For all campaign view, a note can be entered to get the complete account of the performance. For individual campaign view, a note is sent to the particular campaign only.

3. Google Display Game

Another hand-picked top PPC feature is Google display. It helps to save your results fast. Google display Game placements option is available where you can turn off game placements by going to account settings which serves ads to more suitable arrangements.

Google Display game placements PPC feature

An advertiser feels it a thumbs up if your product is a game. One of the reasons why game developers put ads is because it is easy to click places where users or especially children get it accidentally clicked.

4. Multi-Image Extensions by Bing

Bing till ranks best for a display of ads and top PPC feature in the market. One of the best PPC features it holds is it allows text ads visually available with different images.

Bing multi-images Extensions, a PPC features

Hint-Per-Click: The new ad extension will present five images, particularly on the first ad of the mainline.

This feature is new to the market and may not be available right now but need to check for the updates of it.

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn though is the worlds no.1 job searching and professional site; it has a top and best PPC feature called LinkedIn Profile targeting launched by Microsoft Ads.

LinkedIn profile targeting

The feature enables to target audiences in LinkedIn by industry, job function, and company. The Augment bids option allows you to choose in these categories, and the audiences are bid only.

Hint-Per-Click: The bid option does not affect or minimize traffic.

6. AdWords

AdWords always remain as the favourite PPC feature for marketers. It has rolled out a new Message Extensions for mobile ad extension.


The message extensions help users to click to text a business directly from the search results.

Hint-Per-Click: Advertisers can text a pre-written message to initiate the conversion.

7. Google’s new Ad features

Google has added three new expanded versions of text ads in May.

  • New Local Search Ads: With the help of Maps ad formats, new features are designed to drive more traffic by including Promoted Pins, customizable business pages, in-store promotions and more.
local search ads PPC features
  • In-store Conversion Measurement: Though this feature is not new to the block, it is a new feature to many businesses that gains access to the feature for the first time.

Hints-Per-Click: Google views your phone location history to check whether any viewer clicked on the ad while walking into the store.

  • Responsive Display Ads: A URL, headline, image, and description is to be provided by an advertiser where Google creatives responsive display ads for you.

These new features by Google are one of the top PPC features so far for the marketers.

8. Display Keywords Targeting- Settings by Google

Google other PPC feature to the advertisers is to display keyword targeting settings to give more control on your display ad campaigns target. You can now have control either by targetting Audience or Content by Google.

display keywords targeting ppc feature

Content: You can choose this option to be served only on websites, videos, and apps that are relevant to the keywords.

Audience: Google’s default option to serve display ads to those who are interested in keywords mainly and nevertheless, what type of website is in.

We hope you like reading the hand-pick features of PPC for expanding your digital market.

Love to hear from you. Can drop down some more features in the comments section if any.


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