10 Carpooling Apps In India To Save Pockets, Time And Environ (2022 Edition)

10 carpooling apps in India to save pockets, time and environ 2019 edition

What I Am trying to say is….

“When you ride ALONE, you ride with Bin Laden; When you ride in the POOL, you ride with Humanity.”

Carpooling apps became a real business for a common man to businesses. The prominence of carpooling became rationalize in the United States during World War II. The idea once again took to the roads in Germany with Mitfahrgelegenheit called as carpooling.com and France’s BlaBlaCar which acquired carpooling.com in 2015.

Carpooling is….

The sharing of car journeys where more than one person can share the ride to prevent others from driving to a location themselves.

Go green with carpooling

It is mostly like dividing the travel expenses equally during the ride for both driver and passenger. The carpooling helps to reduce the person’s travel costs that include the fuel cost and mainly the stress of driving.

Go Green With Carpooling

Carpooling apps are bumping up looking at the increased rate of commuters who most of them are working professionals travelling miles and miles to reach their destination.

At the brighter side, the carpool has too much of beneficial factors-

  • Reduces air pollution
  • No traffic congestion
  • Decreases the wandering for parking spaces
  • Sharing of fuel costs and a lot more

Apart from the bullets mentioned, carpooling is a real gig to mint some money in between before reaching the destination. Now, the carpooling apps came up with a new feature where users can be legitimate drivers by sharing their space with others during the ride and can earn some cash.
Isn’t it pretty good?!

There are many carpooling apps to try, and here we bring you some of the best pool or applications to ensure your safety, time, money, and more.

Let’s drive on some of the top apps.

10 Carpooling Apps To Save Pockets, Time And Environ

1. BlaBlaCar

Scores: 4.4

BlaBlaCar pooling

We know Uber and Ola are the leading carpooling apps in India, but BlaBlaCar is the worlds leading carpooling services. It is founded on September 16, 2006, by Frédéric Mazzella, Francis Nappez, and Nicolas Brusson.

The Paris-based BlaBlaCar started its services in India in January 2015. The platform has 70 million users and around 8 million active users in 22 countries. BlaBlacar has some witty score ratings for drivers during the commute. During the option of carpooling, drivers preferred a rate of chattiness in the car where Bla for not very chatty, BlaBla for some who likes to talk, and BlaBlaBla- who cannot keep their mouth shut.

2. Meru

Scores: 3.8

Meru carpooling app in India

Mumbai-based Meru is the largest transportation network company and a carpooling app in India. The company is founded in April 2007 by Neeraj Gupta. The platform helps travellers to book cabs via calls, Messenger bot on Facebook, and Google Maps.

Meru has nearly 10 million customers. It is the first company in India to start metered Radio cabs.

3. UberPool

Scores: 4.2

UberPool app

One of the Uberesque carpooling apps that are insanely used by millions of people. Uber is a no need for introduction carpooling and cab booking application.

The America-based Uber is founded in March 2009 by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp. From P2P ride sharing to food delivery and bicycle-sharing, the portal has operations in nearly 785 metropolitan areas in 63 countries. In 2013, USA Today dubbed it has Tech company of the year.

4. OlaShare

Scores: 4

Olashare app in India

Bengaluru-based Ola is India’s favourite carpooling app that consists of P2P ride-sharing, ride service hailing, food delivery, and taxi. The service portal is founded in 2010 December 3 by Bhavish Aggarwal.

The company has a network of more than 1,000,000 vehicles around 169 cities globally. It is one of the economic ride-sharing apps in India to commute on time and safely. With OlaShare you can travel and earn some money without any hassles on the way.

Click for Case Study of Ola

5. Zify

Scores: 4.2

Zify carpooling

Zify is one of the best 10 carpooling apps in India. It was founded in India by Anurag Rathor in 2015, headquarters in Paris(2017) and Hyderabad, India. The platform offers intermediate pick up and drops off offering instant-booking on their platform.

Zify focuses on aiming at the main raging issues of pollution, traffic congestion and more. The company was a part of the 2017 Techstars Paris business incubator program.

6. Quickride

Scores: 4.6

Quickride app for carpooling services in India

Quickride is the best carpooling app based in Bengaluru founded in 2014 by KNM Rao. The carpooling platform has the cheapest rides in India with its services in 9 major cities. The company has nearly 2+ million users in the country.

Quickride offers its users to invite people by joining the ride or accepting the invitations from members wish to travel with. The portal provides a location and status of the users via a live map and provides a group chat option.

7. sRide

Scores: 4.4

sRide app

sRide is the fastest-growing carpooling apps in India. It is founded on 1, October 2014 by Lakshna Chadha Jha. The company aims to help users to share the cost of travel, higher social connect among people, and increase mobility.

The platform is present across 4 cities in India and 8 cities in the US by offering 1+ million rides to users.

8. EcoRider Carpool

Scores: 4.6

EcoRider app for carpooling

EcoRider carpool is an office riding share application for office commuters. The carpooling app is a Swachh Bharat Abhiyan initiative for clear traffic and clean India that has an online payment system, on-time ride, pre-decide pickup location and lot more. EcoRider also offers in-app chat services for commuters.

9. Orahi

Scores: 4.1

Orahi- for people on the move.

orahi carpooling in India

The carpooling service app is a famous operator in India among office commuters. It is one of the most friendly applications that offers excellent features.

The platform offers a “panic mode” button alerting three other contacts you shared with the location. Orahi-Z offers carpool rides for female riders for a hassle-free journey with flexible options.

10. CoYatri

Scores: 3

coYatri carpooling app

CoYatri is a first city-to-city carpooling app that connects car owners and passengers who are ready to share rides when travelling between cities. The company aims at saving the ecosystem by reducing fuel expenses, traffic, and reducing carbon emissions with economical ride prices depending on kilometres.

[These 10 carpooling apps are based on reviews and experiences by users.]

Pool of Benefits

People can say adios to cumbersome hitchhikes, high taxi rates, and delayed taxis during office hours. Moreover, it is always supported to choose to carpool with security options and trusted features to ride safely to the destination.

benefits of carpooling

At the end of the day, you are going to save time, ecosystem, fuel, and can earn through carpooling. Since traffic is the major issue in the metropolitan cities, this can come at the best for both the ways. One can avoid all the hassles while travelling and never feels tired during the journey.

Carpooling is in vogue right now, so why can’t you give a try to save your money?

Folks, we love to hear from you. If you know any carpooling apps can drop some in the comments section to help readers.


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