10 Professional Ways To Earn Money Through LinkedIn

10 professional ways to earn money through LinkedIn

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional and job searching social media portal is a staple source for nearly 610 million registered users across 200 countries. The portal does half of the work to people by dropping posts for job seekers or employee finders and other professional constitutions to earn money.

The social networking sites, including LinkedIn, is not all about uploading pictures or videos or maybe some other casual stuff. You can do and create many goggling works if you are a computer nerd who understands the importance and hints of the networking sites.

Some of the users have a habit of looking at LinkedIn only for a job dealing motive. Stuffing your online resume is just a 30 percent work what you are doing. If we look at the brighter picture, LinkedIn is also the best way to earn money professionally.

Many of them published some 13-40 ways to pocket money via LinkedIn. But after searching and refining the professional ideas, we got the finest and absolute 10 methods that work through the platform.

Let’s bank through these ways.

10 Professional Ways To Earn Money Through LinkedIn

1. Join or Create LinkedIn groups

Create or join the LinkedIn groups of your interests. If a registered user wants to create a group can call interested or relevant members through email templates. Grow your mailing by using announcements, webinars, or free content giveaways.

The joining of a group helps you to extend your network professionally. Your profile will appear at the right sidebar with the group member profiles. With this, it will make a better exposure to you to find a professionally relevant job by earning money.

2. Sign up in LinkedIn Profinder

LinkedIn Profinder is a professional service marketplace to find the best freelancing and independent jobs. All you need is to get registered in it, and you can find a slew of jobs from people in search of expertise. Generally, this is the second best way to earn money, even as a moonlighting job.

The service is free unless you want to get more than five job updates in a month which must be paid for LinkedIn premium. From coaches to writers, IT services and more every category is made avail to earn.

3. Revamp your profile

Nearly 80% of the registered members forget to update their LinkedIn profile. It is suggestible to update your profile page with the work experience or education profile. This is the specific platform where you need to update or fill the complete profile to get updates from the similar job pages that you are interested in.

This is a kind of a miss not to get updates from companies, and eventually chance to earn money gets a little scope.

4. Use products sections to sell products

For businesses looking to sell their physical or digital products, LinkedIn offers a great chance to earn money via the products section.

Create individual product listings in the products section of your company’s page. It’s got features like banner visitors can click on your landing pages, YouTube commercials, and contact details. You can also encourage people to write reviews or any recommendations to the products by adding a recommend button. You can also discuss in the groups you created or joined to most likely selling your products where people may find interesting to buy them. It even not appears like a sale pitch.

5. A professional headshot

The one thing that attracts people to your page is because of your profile and a photo of yours. The professional headshot to your profile is a deal. Users receive 20 times more profile views and more messages with many eyeballs on your photo. Cropped photos from a bunch of parties you went with the friends or from a wedding reception will not boost your professional image.

You might think it is okay, adding some casual pictures. Image a financial adviser uploads a blurred selfie as their photo, would you trust them? This is also the same. So take a professional headshot picture to find a better job.

6. Upload Videos directly to LinkedIn

LinkedIn rewards people with more video views when a video is directly uploaded on the platform with its algorithm. By contrast, sharing link from YouTube or the other means can depress the algorithm reach.

LinkedIn videos can be of 10 minutes, but it is advisable to keep it short and precise, so viewers find it interesting. More chances or view and money are possible with the videos to include- tips, how-to, breaking news from industry, and opinions.

7. Content never withers

Even though it is a social media platform, a little touch of content on your LinkedIn page can make you earn cash. How? LinkedIn rewards with more visibility when you write content or articles on its platform. It even betters the reader data by positioning you as a subject-matter expert- by tapping on “Me” in the application. Real-time insights are projected into who’s reading your content along with the employers, job titles, and locations.

8. #motivation LinkedIn

Hashtags are mandate in all existing social channels. From a common man to big brands, everyone uses hashtags to get noticed. Well, for LinkedIn, Hashtags works differently than Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

Recently, LinkedIn started encouraging users to join hashtag communities with people with personal growth subjects and core business where you can share content by adding these hashtags to reach exponentially. Today #motivation has nearly 12 million followers.

Sounds interesting — the other best coming through to earn money.

9. Through LinkedIn Advertising

Got some bucks, then invest in LinkedIn Advertising to earn more income.

Create an ad campaign to promote the free giveaway by using the targeting options to get users attention. You can even create an ad campaign focused on target demographics for your product. This will help them to get curious to know more about the free giveaways and pushes people to go the limited offers and grab them. Including discount codes can also help you to reach your target.

10. Encourage Affiliating market or products

Affiliate marketing is the ultimate source to earn money. It generates income online and can write great reviews. There are so many benefits if you promote those on LinkedIn to boost your affiliate sales. You can share your affiliate marketing review posts within groups. Even you can email them about it on your blog so that they might find interesting in any new product launch, limited time offers, and discount codes.

That’s all folks! My version of thoughts on earning money through LinkedIn- Researched and Redefined. If you have any opinions on how to earn money via LinkedIn, do share with us.


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