10 Reasons You Need User Generated Content For Your Social Media Campaign

10 reasons why you need UGC for social media campaign

Tired of struggling to crank out the seamless themes to please the customers or consumers? There is a so-called golden child to all the strained business people called User Generated Content aka UGC, is not a surprising term in the social media or the brands in the market. Every individual market to large brands uses user-generated content for their social media campaigns to drive the traffic to their sites.

Today User Generated Content became the power source for the brands to boost the company’s brand. Fun fact stats is that Women on an average takes 48% of photos more than men and female iPhone users take nearly 230-250 photos every month, mostly these users are under 25.

Probe into 10 reasons why every marketer need user-generated content for their social media campaign.

1. Take a Survey on the fan photos

Be proactive. To have the best social marketing campaign, you need to do homework on the fan following trends before approaching your CMO and propose more about UGC theorem. Probe more about what type of contents consumers are sharing every day.

The subtle way is to search on Instagram to find solutions to your questions.

Search by location

The current trend among users is posting or sharing about their locations. Try using Instagram’s geography tags to find the images shared in locations. It might be Restaurants, brick and mortar stores and so on.


Twitter’s hashtag revolution spread in most of the social media platforms. After Twitter, Instagram users majorly use Hashtags(#). So, start your company’s brand name with the hashtag to promote your campaign. Search how the brand hashtag became popular among users on Instagram to spin name and fame of their company. Do not limit yourself to an analysis of hashtags but give a couple of options.

2.Identifying the trends

Analyze the types of pictures of the consumers to develop your social media campaign on what they are sharing, why the trend is immensely followed among users and so on.

Identify the following:

  • Who is favorable to share content about your brand like moms, teens, millennials, fashion bloggers?
  • Are they sharing any particular style, the collection of photos?
  • When are customers likely to share photos? Is it seasons, holidays, etc.
  • Are they tagging your brand organically? Or tagging your products?

If as a social media campaigner you analyze the process of the above questions nothing can hamper you from boosting your followers.

3.CTAs in Key locations 

Do not imagine your brand hashtag to go viral overnight. Try using techniques to make it a trend among the fans. To persuade your fans to use your hashtags while sharing photos or any trend , place call to action(CTA) where customers are more likely to involve with your content.

Forever 21, the fashion brand follows the same principle to engage more users to their page. In simple, it might be your bio, location tag or within the photo caption on Instagram and other places like your websites or blogs, etc.

4. Add signage

The other way of promoting social media campaign apart from social and digital CTAs is adding signage in your stores, and even it might be physical stores. If it’s an entertainment industry add messages around your venues or tickets to promote quickly. If you have a store, display hashtags near the register or outside of dressing rooms by displaying your brand hashtag by asking them to tag and follow the hashtag.

5. Host Events to campaign about your brand.

There is no doubt in using User Generated Content to boost your brand but still if you want to create awareness about your products and brands you require a lot of trust and loyalty about your brand in the uses. Host events to make aware of your brands. Run contests and fun activities to make the excellent leverage of your brand. Keep the conversation going by sending goodies bag or gifts to your fans. Word of mouth always helps to give instant fame to your brand in the social media campaign

6. Contest alert! 

Who doesn’t want to participate in contests?! Who does not want to win? Every social media follower might be Instagram, Facebook or Twitter users or fans race for the competition to win the hampers from their favorite brands. Design a contest on your page; it is considered one of the remarkable things about User Generated Content. It is a way to encourage your fans to build a connection with your brand. For example, if it’s regarding fashion wear ask your fans to design something unique using different hues or if it’s regarding photos, ask them to upload photos something related to nature and humankind.

7.Social Currency to campaign

Propose User-Generated Content as a social currency. Grabbing a lot of attention towards your brand is obvious. Consumers love incentives like from coupons to buy one get one free. More chances to spread the deal is more among teens and working people. Small offers like discounts, free samples or participation in some of the events by allowing them to tag or hashtag about your brand. In this way, it helps you to get more followers or users to your company’s brand.

8. Feature your customers’ photo

Blending of the user-generated photos into the product photos helps you to draw more connections to your brand products. Ask your customers to upload their photos and featuring them in a way to make your brand a social recognition. In this way, you secure the best of both worlds, one the brand’s popularity and the other is recognition among the trend followers. This is an incredible way to give customers social recognition.

9. Credible Storytellers

The well-blended algorithm to your user-generated content for your social media campaign. Not every review or taglines you see on the brand image is reality reflected, and some of the customers recognize it easily. Influencers help to drive more support to your social media campaign. In this way, their followers recognize the content is authentic and react to it at the same pace as your influencers and get more attention to their organic content. Help your customers to create a story and drive it to the world. The authenticity is the main factor to find it liable among users. The sharing of real experiences about the product or brand helps to gain more attention towards your social campaign.

10. Build a Stronger SEO with the help of UGC

Ultimately, User-generated content allows you to secure high-quality inbound links from influencers with strong domain authorities. Few brands have means to create sponsored content across the multiple sites, the end result is having multiple inbound links to your website is what you can achieve with the User-Generated Content. It’s best and effortless way of not making your team to create the content instead you can have a contract with the influencers for a paid collaborations through some popular links can boost to the next level of the social media campaign to your product brand.

The best impact of UGC can have on boosting your search ranking makes SEO focused collaborations through blog content and social media platforms to leverage the power of the strategy.

Bottom line:

User-Generated Content is always the main theory every company needs to be following. From Burberry to Starbucks and Coco-Cola the popular giants follow the concept of user-generated content for their social media campaign.


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