10 Steps To A Beginners Guide To Successful Email Marketing


Email, the leading medium to connect the world to transmit virtual messages to every corner. Mostly Email messaging is used in the formal basis rather than a friendly messaging. People may use the gigantic social media for various purposes (viz., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms) but still Emailing is considered as the forefront market to publicize their brands.

Many consider Email marketing theorem is slowly facing a downfall because of the raging contenders in the social media platforms. The perception about the not so Email marketing is wrong.

Some of the business firms have qualms about using Email marketing. Why? The professional way of being successful in your sphere is through Email Marketing. Most of the leading business heads utilize the power tool called Email to be a leading market.

Here’s the updated version of the Guide to a Successful Email Marketing in 2018.

1.Build a purposeful Goal

The old cliche but it works. It is baseless to try without a meaningful goal to reach your clients. Email marketing is a powerful solo medium to make you a successful leading market or break you. Assign your theme in a way to attract the clients and building their trust.

The common err what the start-ups or others small businesses do are buying the email address. Most of them get lured by some of the misguiding links in the search engine in haste to kick-start the email marketing a boost. The idea of buying an email address paves to a quick crush of your email marketing. Renting email addresses is another pitfall to your email marketing. For example, you may buy or rent a supposing figure of 20,000 email addresses from the providers, but according to your market terms, all of them are not useful. Some clients may get irked with the emailing your business. The effects are high in terms of the following:

  • Violating the rules of consent.
  • Good or Proper email address are not enlisted for sale.
  • You may ruin the deliverability and reputation of IP address.

2. Campaign your Email market

Executing the email marketing plan through the campaign is the perfect way of reaching the first step towards the clients.

To help you to reach through the massive clients and customers promote your email marketing in the popular websites.

  • BuzzFeed
  • Rip Curl
  • Soho House and many more.

These websites which are famous for news and entertainment and promoting new email marketing. These popular sites main motto is to drive traffic to their sites. So keeping in this mind try to campaign in their sites about your market. UNICEF is all about humanitarian aiding and assistance to women and children. The most successful digital marketing is through donations, these people use email marketing to reach the donor base. Eventually, if you successfully be in contact with these popular sites, you may gain loads of clients in your email list, and there will be no question of buying an email address.

3.Enhancing your Email list

It’s important to take advantage of the latitude provided to you by the prospects. Nobody wants to be heedless even they are leading in the marketing field. Try using new methods to grab the attention of the clients. Make sure your campaigning is relevant to every subscriber. Make sure you create entice them with an invitation to the events, offers, free quotes and so on. Responding to the subscribers’ queries is the best way to build a public relationship with the customers.

Free trials, coupons, tips or guide are some of the ways to promote your email marketing.

4. Email from an employee or a real person

Sometimes the best way to hype your market is sending emails in person instead of mailing from the company s’ end. In this way, you might increase the open email rate. People are never interested in opening the spam emails and give time to open and read it. If a person, on behalf of the company can gain more attention from the customers depending on their needs.

Tip: Use HubSpot’s workflows App to create your personalized and automated email to trigger in many ways to nurture your opportunities when once your contact list is added.

5. Write a user-friendly subject line

Many email marketing people send the same old subject lines to promote the brand or company. People do not show any interest to click the inbox message due to the same line. To attention, your clients or customers towards your ad make sure to give a clear and attracting line to the recipients.

The best way to stand out from the others subject line:

  • Use the language and messaging format which is familiar and understandable to the target or buyer.
  • Include action-oriented language to create urgency to the clients.
  • Cash, quote or save are likely to be the spam triggers. Avoid it.
  • Use 50 characters or below.
  • Make a subject line clean and precise.

6. Pitch at the perfect time

Putting yourself in the shoes of customers or readers is the foremost leading technique in the success of email marketing. Each business has different requirements. One should understand the need of the buyers or customers. Pitching at the right time will make your traffic grow. Remember one fact that email list is permission valued so do not annoy customers in the haste of sending the emails.

The best example to make it more explicit about the pitching is Amazon, Flipkart, and other e-kart services. These people send relevant offers based on buying habits. They know the right time to shoot the proposals in the customers’ feed. They provide with discount offers and latest fashion during occasions. The idea also works well with the email marketing firms. You need to know the needs and urgency of the buyers or customers and shoot the right email in their inbox regarding a brand.

7. Optimize emails for mobile users

Mobile devices became a part to the people like the oxygen to breathe. From calling to shopping, everything is done with just one click. Email marketing fields should consider this on a high note. According to stats, around 65%-70% emails are read on mobile devices. Email marketers should focus more on designing user-friendly emails.

Here are important tips to lead a successful email marketing in mobile devices.

  • Reduce your image file size.
  • Make sure your CTA buttons and links are larger than 57 pixels for the best user experience.
  • Create your template.

8. Manage the Follow-ups

Email marketing is all about expectations that you set them up. If your call to respond is strong, your follow-up is consistent, and then you can count on a good campaign. Maintaining consistency in sending email as promised marks you as the leading market. In a simple expression, If you guaranteed customer with email per week or daily email to his/her inbox need to keep up with the same deal, if not more chances to lose the clients or subscribers will be high. Chances to make your clients peeve and unsubscribe is not too far. That’s why follow-up email is so important even if its an older method to raise your email marketing efforts.


Use the autoresponder; almost every email service provider gives you an option to create an autoresponder. Email marketing people deal with many clients every day. Autoresponder will be a savior in case of a miss to email a customer or a client. It helps you to schedule the messages even to months.

9. Preview before punching on “send”

Previewing and testing your email is imperative form of a successful email marketing. Before hitting the send button on your email do cross your I’s and dot your t’s. On the other hand, you need to test the email before sending into the real deal.

How to test email?

  • If you are having HubSpot account, steer your pointer to the Marketing option.
  • Click on the Edit option of a drafted email.
  • Select one or more recipients with their email addresses.
  • Press the Send test email.

10. Keep track of email’s performance

Analyzing and monitoring the email open click performance rate is the all-important factor in successful email marketing. The rates of email open and click provide you a window of opportunity to improve your email marketing. Suppose you find 20 messages are getting higher clicks analyze the factor on what basis it got most engaging clicks, it may be your subject line which might be different from other email marketers and other factors. Keep track of records and performances whether it might be ups and downs. Try to enhance in a better way than before with the high standard email concepts.

Email marketing might be simple and easy to conquer the specific fields, but the correct conveying of your brand and catching an eye of the customers makes you an Entrepreneur. Strategies and techniques make you an instant knight in the email marketing field if you propose them in the right way. The best use of email marketing can make you connect with the subscribers and can structure a loyal trust between you and subscriber. By word of mouth, campaigning and other crucial factors are the uber techniques to a successful email marketing.


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