3 Tips To Stop Wasting company’s Money On Technology & Invest Into A Right Fit


Brain. Innovation. Execution. Time. Money. Technology. Workforce- 7 elements for an ideal business.

Business firmly depends on the above things mentioned. Every element plays a predominant role in making your brand or business elevate. There are many ways and solutions to grow your business if you are smart enough to tackle the company and clients.

Being a content scribbler and digital-trotter, I find many businesses striving hard to make a place in the rat race. Some of them are way out of the league in spotlighting the brand while some are too feeble to hoist the business properly. Money ain’t the only source to start a business. You need to be able to use the perfect ingredients to have a scrumptious business.

Most of them misinterpret that following the herd and their technology will lead to a successful journey. Not at all. Everyone has their ideation in terms of running the business. Aping the other business will never make you stand tall unless you think and act innovatively. Same goes with the technology to your business. A right technology to your perfect business give you leads instead of going for some cheap or high technology that doesn’t suit your profile.

Many of them without the proper understanding of business spend money on technology and eventually ends up in losing the network and brand.

Want to know how to save and spend money wisely on technology?

Here’s how not to be a WOMBAT.

3 tips to stop wasting the company’s money on vulnerable technology and start invest in the right fit.

Tip 1- Smooth-running of SaaS Subscriptions

Many enterprises use Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). It is estimated that companies mostly run up to 1200 cloud software and SaaS products. Out of those cloud services, HR and Marketing apps are used mainly by the companies.

Companies will have unwanted SaaS subscriptions in order to run their operations. All of the tools or software is not much needed if tracked the redundancy accurately. Keeping the SaaS cost under control is a difficult task for various company units. Track down the SaaS subscription cost and try to use it as required.

Tip 2- Avoid buying cheap and low-cost gizmos from brand less manufacturers

Gizmos or electronic goods are manufactured with cheap computing devices fed in it. Some companies buy this kind of cheap electronics to save money. But this is where most of the money is spent. Low prices on cheap electronic devices like PCs, tablets leads to more money spent on getting electronics fixed every time. Even cheap IoT devices like smart thermostats need to be mended by wasting money on it.

Always go for the devices which are not vulnerable and resistant to use by paying a lot more once for all than spending unnecessarily on the off-brand products or devices.

Tip 3- Use only proven technologies

For new ventures or small firms, spending on branded or proven technologies for sure will be a catch-22 situation. The new technologies what you adopt can have positive and negative scenarios. One may be able to utilize the latest technologies and can turn them to a competitive advantage. Secondly, they can take time to mature and be reliable for use.

Other surviving hints to stop wasting money

  • Make it sure to use interoperable tools.
  • Don’t spend too much on buying equipment if you don’t have to.
  • Plan accordingly while spending money on technology.
  • Even though you go for matured technology, it is better to have a second opinion before buying them.

Hope, the 3 tips help stop splurging company’s money on Technology and other resources.

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