4 Email Marketing Mistakes that can Ruin your Marketing Strategies


Email Marketing is arguably one of the best marketing technique to engage with your customer and notify your audience of your new product launch, sales or literally anything you want to share. Other than sharing you can also create a loyal fan base for your brand by sharing informative and new things on regular basis.


One thing that makes Email marketing different from other social media marketing strategies is that when you send an Email it notifies your audience on their phone or desktop which increase the chances of people actually going through your content. But as everything else you have to be careful with your email marketing strategies and do not make the following mistake.

#1 Sending Too many Emails

This is one of the most common mistakes marketers commit in their email marketing strategies. Never bombard your audience mailbox and annoy them which seems to happen more often with retailers. Keep a low sending frequency otherwise, believe me, your most loyal fan will start ignoring your emails.

Here are few tips you can use to avoid this mistake:

  • Let your customers choose how often they want to receive emails from you. They can change their settings through an email preference center you set up on your site.
  • Perform A/B testing and find what appeals to your subscribers. If you’re noticing a drop-off in engagement, adjust your send schedule.

 #2 No Responsive Design

More than 57 percent of emails are opened on mobiles or tablets. So, if your email template does not have responsive design your complete marketing strategy is bound to fail for sure.

Do not make your audience pinch and zoom and use responsive design to increase font sizes or make tables and images scalable. With so many subscribers checking email on mobile devices, you have to put in the effort to make the mobile experience better.


If somebody is subscribing to your emails newsletter you should know enough about the person to make the email relevant and help make quicker decisions. Do not overwhelm your subscribers with lots images and text.

Here are few tips to make your Emails better:

  • Clear, personalized copies
  • Use Imagery
  • An offer that your subscribers will be interested in

#4 Hiding the Unsubscribe Button

Many amateur marketers think if they hide the unsubscribe button it will help them maintain their subscribers. Not only is this frustrating, it also reflects poorly on the brand. If your customers want to say “no,” respect their wishes. Your email lists will be cleaner, and your marketing efforts won’t be wasted on customers who aren’t interested in your product.

Unsubscribing from an email should be as easy as it is to subscribe. Unsubscribe links should be easy to find, easy to read, and easy to use.





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