5 Social Media Trends which are going to shake the World In 2022


In year 2015 every one related to social media world, is speculating on trends. Trends are the things that already are famous and these will be kept growing vigorously this year also. The possible reason of this speculation is to determine market trends and to determine practices which are very famous among people.
Let’s get a glimpse at what the experts think are the next big things on the social media and digital marketing horizons. According to Social Media Marketing World 2014 event the five major areas where you should pay close attention to this year are:


Twitter: Twitter has established a business that never can be seen as a down market. As for celebs, Twitter is the only possible platform which provides the opportunity to broadcast their voice and also keep good communication between fans and famous personalities.

As for normal people, it is a platform that connects them to their favourite personalities and also give people to broadcast themselves as well, we can see it as blog for people, which allow 140 characters to express their way of thinking, in addition it keeps updated. Twitter delivers news in a flash which makes it more than a social networking site.

Finally, when we talk about social media experts, Twitter is equally important to them. Experts know that how to use the platform to generate leads and close sales. This platform is very popular among people, however Twitter’s financial growth is not very much vigour, still they are making all of the right moves with the site itself; giving priority to visual content, launching Twitter cards to promote the sharing of richer content while providing a mechanism to get people’s e-mail contact information, as well as launching several new types of advertising.

We can say that in upcoming time Twitter will astonish the world by its popularity and usefulness.

Visual-Based Content:  Content is blood and life of the social media and the images are the ornaments of nicely written content. In fact, photos make up 93 percent of the most engaging posts according to Facebook.
Unanimously, the experts agreed that making your content, visual-based was the most important thing you could do to drive engagement with social media.

You need to make your media content visually based when you are expecting for high numbers of visitors. This is the new trend for bloggers and website designers. Peoples are adopting it very swiftly.

Google Plus: For a few years people have been waiting for the Google Plus to hit full stride before they go “all in” for marketing purpose. Although Google played an intelligent move by keeping one account for all services that Google provides. Google Plus growth is definitely accelerating, and at least one mathematician calculates that Google Plus will pass Facebook in total users in 2016.

Needless to say, for SEO purpose marketers are going to focus more on Google. SEO motives can be seen as leverage on people.

Facebook Advertising: Over 90 percent of Facebook’s revenue comes from Facebook advertising and this figure is continuously increasing. Many people use Facebook for advertising and the results always please them. As the result is very promising, business correspondence regularly revising their budget for ads on Facebook.
Facebook advertising is frustrating from a couple of standpoints. First, it changes all of the time. They are tweaking different types of ads and messing with the interface almost daily. It is also frustrating to think that they intentionally limit the free traffic your posts receive just to make you pay them money to get your content to the fan base you have worked so hard to cultivate though it is just an opinion. Maybe there will be a shift or backlash in the future, but for now it certainly appears that marketers are still firmly behind the advertising medium.

Blogging:  Who don’t want to be a blogger when almost everyone likes to express their views in front of an audience? Blogging gives a podium to speak and to appeal for people. Some persons want to share and some give advices. There are various reasons for various blogs, but the extract is same everywhere, which is “Sharing is caring”.
The motive of blogging is not sharing only now-a-days. Google Adsense and paid blogging are the new trends. All of this is creating more interest towards blogging. Blogging is still a dominate way to get impactful, original content directly in front of your customers and prospects easily and inexpensively. My blog and Blogger are, by far, the single largest driver of visits to my website and social media sites. Apart from this you can take services from WordPress as well for an independent blog.

If you have been playing around with the idea of starting your own blog, now is the perfect time to get started.


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