8 Important Updates in Google Search Algorithm in 2021

Google Search algorithm updates

Google makes thousands of changes every year in its Search Algorithm. Most of the updates are so minor that they go completely unnoticed. Being a world’s most used search engine Google Search is the biggest and the best way to refer traffic to your website organically.


keeping an eye on each and every minor change in Google Search Algorithm is not possible because there are thousands of them. However, on occasion, the search engine rolls out major algorithmic changes that significantly impact the SERPs. Below are the 10 such major updates in Google Search Algorithm in 2010.

8 Important Updates in Google Search Algorithm in 2017

#1 Intrusive Interstitials Update(Jan 2017)

Google has announced this update in August 2016 and later implemented it in Jan 2017. The update is aimed to target intrusive interstitials and pop-ups that hurt the search experience on mobile devices. Although the impact of this update on rankings was minimal, it was an important update for advertisers.

#2 February Updates

Although these updates are not confirmed by Google, many websites saw a dip in their visitors during this period. The update seemed to target private blog networks or those doing spammy link building. We observe massive rankings shifts in Google’s SERPs, which also caused major fluctuation for some websites. Overall, it seems higher-quality and more relevant websites gained the most visibility.

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#3 Quality Update of March 2017

During March 2017 SEO tracking tools reported lots of shifts in SERPs. While the impact seems limited to good sites but impacted the websites which have issues with deceptive advertising, UX issues, and low-quality content.

#4 June 2017 Updates

This update impacted the Goods and beverage niche the most. One analysis found that this update caused the biggest fluctuations for pages ranking in Positions 6-10. Again this update was not confirmed by Google but we observed a big Fluctuation in traffic during this period.

#5 Quality Update of July 2017

SEO ranking tools detected some minor volatility on July 9, potentially another unconfirmed Google quality update.

#6 Quality Update of August 2017

Webmasters and SEO ranking tools detected some minor volatility in August 2017, with signs indicating this may have been another Google quality update. This time the updated algorithm affected category pages, pages with aggressive advertising, lower-quality content, and other negative user experience elements.

#7 Fall Flux Update(September 2017)

SEO tracking tools indicated some sort of Google update may have occurred in November 2017. We detected several noteworthy Google changes impacting traffic and search visibility starting September 8.

#8 Maccabees Update (December 2017)

Some in the search community reported their websites being hit by update between December 12 and 14. Google confirmed several minor changes to the core algorithm during the timeframe but downplayed the significance of the period of flux.



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