8 Watchful Dos And Don’ts For A Better SEO In Your Business

8 watchful Dos and Donts for a better SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is probably a 1997 old chap that came into limelight on May 2, 2007, by the attempts of Jason Gambert, who puzzled out that SEO is a “process” that involves keywords, not a “marketing service”.

It has changed over the years with better-enhanced algorithms making it handy to use by the business. SEO is a kingpin of the market. The good part about it is that verifies the weak and spam sites and don’t rank highly on search engines.

To be a successfully established business among the trillions of digital users, there are some do’s and don’ts to be watched out for modern day SEO.

8 Watchful Dos And Don’ts For A Better SEO In Your Business

Dot 5 Dos for better SEO ranking.

1. Do Keyword Analytics before writing content

Keywords analytics is the first step you do before publishing or even before starting the content. The measuring of content helps you to find what are the trending content that mostly searched by users. There are many tools to find out what keywords are ranking top.

If you want to rank your website content on the first page, make sure you publish the most searched and relevant content.

2. Do ensure keywords crawling around content

SEO is mainly dealt with keywords. Keywords help you to rank the content. Ensure your content has enough but not overdo of keywords for better ranking of the website. Make sure your meta title and the title contains the keywords what you are talking about.

Your 10-12 words of the title should impress google users to know more about the content. It is a surefire way to gain more views in the SEO indeed.

3. Do use Images for SEO to connect with a crowd

For your mundane content images adds more spark to search. In any medium, do not forget to label or tag or add alt-text to the images. When users search images in Google might check the images of your page with the title or text, you provided to it.

Search engine with the help of the alternative text you provide to the images can show the data of yours if a user is searching for relevant details. This way you can score a position for SEO of your website.

4. Do update with fresh content

People always tend to find new content in the search engine pages. When you track the keywords, your opponent uses may find some of the new content with a high ranking of the pages. Always pique the interest of your viewers with new content, something exciting and new. This boosts your SEO and audience.

5. Do motivate clients/customers to talk positively about your business

Customers/Clients eventually, the standalone people to make or break your business. They are the best critiques. Ensure that your clients always give positive feedback about your brand and business. Reviewing is one of the important SEO ranking factors. The more positive response, the more profits to your business. One of the best ways to have positive feedback is to offer the best services to them.

Strike 3 Don’ts for better SEO ranking.

6. Don’t overbuy Links

Backlinks are prevalent and essential in successful SEO. But avoid too much of buying them. More paid links can damage your website and could lower your rankings or removal of the site from Google’s search index. Instead of more purchase of links try to acquire with content creation.

7. Don’t duplicate the content

This is the most observed thing on the search engine pages. Copying the same content with minimal editions to it may harm your page with bounce rates and later pulling out from the main search page. People want to learn new things what the websites are providing, but if they see nearly 2-3 content with the same concepts may get irked and leave the website.

8. Don’t use cliched keywords

Overusing of keywords is a common do by most of the businesses. Countable keywords for your content is suitable to rank in SEO, but making keywords to crawl all over the page can affect the ranking of the website by pulling it from the ranking page. The best way to avoid such cliched keywords is to use “Synonyms”. This will not affect the SEO of your page and still can be understood by the search engines.

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