[Campaign Review] Manforce Ad Campaign gives important Social Message

manforce shut the phone up-whizsky

Based on a survey conducted by India Today 1 out of 5 couple admits that they film their private moments in their smartphone. Which exposed them to the possibility of illegal pornography and voyeurism. Leakage of these tapes can result in blackmail, divorce or something as worse as suicide.


Picking up the issue Manforce condoms released a campaign in public service named “Shut the phone up”. The campaign is 3 and a half minute short video conceptualized by Japan-based advertising agency ADK Fortune.

Objective Of Manforce Campaign:

The objective of the campaign is to educate people about the consequences of filming themselves in the moments of intimacy on their smartphones. The Ad campaign came as a warning to the couples. The campaign also conveys that protection means a lot more than just using a condom.

Manforce Ad Campaign:

The campaign is about a couple who are on their honeymoon. One morning the husband went out for some work husband realizes that he has lost his phone. Then it is revealed that last night, they had filmed themselves while making love on the phone. The phone was not password protected and the video was not deleted either. This caused a lot of distress among the couple.

Manforce’s Insight on the Campaign:

“Manforce being a leading brand in the category has a larger responsibility in addressing relevant issues related to safe sex. This campaign brings to light the sensitive yet important issue of more and more couples filming their moments of intimacy. We found the time is right to educate couples on the seriousness of the problem” said by Ravi Juneja CEO, of Mankind Pharma. Mankind Pharma is a parent company of Manforce.

Whizsky Insight on Manforce campaign:

I think this was a very bold move from Manforce. Indian parents do not talk to their children about sex. So, campaigns like these can spread awareness about the issue. The campaign became popular among the youth and became an instant hit on social media. This campaign by Manforce is a perfect mix of product placement and social message.

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