[Campaign Review] How Nokia “Unite for Love” Campaign Helped in its Comeback


Nokia Mobile made its comeback in India and rolled out its series of ad campaigns revolve around a common theme “Unite For Love”. On the occasion of Diwali Nokia rolled out their integrated campaign “Unite For Love” to promote their latest series of Android Smartphones.


Objective of the Campaign

In the ad campaigns, Nokia was urging people to spend time with their family on this festive season. Rather than looking at your phone screen all the time. The concept of the campaign was different from other mobile companies as Nokia is urging people to spend time with their loved ones rather than a phone.

The main objective of whole Nokia ad campaign was to make people realize that they are wasting way too much time on their smartphones rather than their family.

Nokia Tv Commercial:

The Tv commercial was Highlighting the relationship between a mother and a son. Where the part of the son was played by famous Bollywood actor Saqib Saleem. The video features a son who gifts his mother his own phone as a Diwali gift as a gesture of love signifying that he won’t be glued to his phone this festive season.


Insight from Nokia

Speaking about the Nokia ad campaign, Jyotsna Makkar, Head of Marketing, HMD Global (India) said, “As the pioneers of mobile telephony, Nokia has been instrumental not just in bringing innovative devices to people, but also in helping them forge deep connections. The reason the love and trust for this brand have endured is that Nokia has always been a people’s brand – it’s deeply ingrained into our DNA. We thought it was important that a brand that showed all of us the way to connect, could also remind us that technology has the power to both unite as well as make people feel disconnected – this is a universal insight in our cultural context today”

Advertising Video by TVF:

Nokia tied up with one of the top online content creators of India The Viral Fever for their digital ad campaign. The ad was featured by online sensation Sumeet Vyas and Nidhi Singh. Both are popularly known as Mikesh and Tanu from a famous web series permanent roommates.

The video revolves around the same issue of spending more time with family rather than their smartphones. Actors portrayed the same character from TVF permanent roommate, unlike tv ad which was emotional TVF added humor to the whole campaign.

Whizsky Review on Nokia Ad Campaign

Nokia’s Diwali ad campaign was beautifully conceptualized by Dentsu Brand Agencies. It is a fact that we are all occupied with our phones today, almost all of our lives. The campaign came as an eye opener for most of the people. The campaign became an instant hit as soon as it released. Both the videos depicted the theme quite well and able to raise the point very clearly.

The video from TVF has more than 30 million views only on youtube and TV Ad has more than 17 million views on youtube. Both the video campaign did its job to raise awareness about Nokia comeback. Now we have to wait and watch for how the success of campaigns tranform to the sale in Nokia mobile phones.


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