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Whizsky Whizzing

Weekly Catchup – What’s Whizzing on Social Media (19 – 22 Nov)

We are back with the some of the amazing stuff happening in Digital World and breaking the social media this week. Check out the stuff...
why your social media campaign failed

6 Silly Reasons Why your Social Media Campaign was a Failure?

Social media has completely changed the marketing game across the world. More than half of the world’s population is using social media. So there...

Effective Marketing Strategy: How to Invite People on Social Media

Inviting for something (likes, retweets, to follow) is one of the hardest things to do with social media. There is a wispy line between asking for...

AIB KNOCKNOUT: Regretful OR Revolutionary?

Ever since the release of the webisode, AIB Knockout on youtube on 28th January. The team of AIB and the celebrities who were a...

Latest Social Media Trends : Digital Marketing Innovation Summit

As social media is no more just seen like media only but it is something way beyond its real meaning, exploring the new way...

Latest on Instagram’s ‘InstaMeets’ in your city & Around the World

InstaMeet is a latest & trending social media concept, it is an event started by social media app community Instagram on worldwide level to...
Fashion Designers in India Social media presence

Top 9 Fashion Designers with a Strong Social Media Presence in India

Social media has successfully proved its power over several business domains. That is the reason, why several business and professionals are gradually waking up...

Top 6 Social Media Trends That Blown Your Mind In 2014

Year 2014 had everything to set social media on fire. From sharing blogs to taking selfie, we all were obsessed over them last year....