How to Build a Successful Twitter Ad Campaign



Wouldn’t you want to convert your twitter followers into your loyal customers? Twitter is one of the best social media channels that facilitates maximum customer engagement, market research and analysis. Read on to find out how can you effectively launch a twitter ad campaign.

1. There are 3 primary ways to advertise on twitters and they are in form of promoted tweets, promoted accounts and promoted trends.

2. For promoted tweets, spend some time and select some of your tweets that engaged the most number of customers. This will give more exposure to your brand for any upcoming event or product launch. For promoted tweets, you have to pay for the posts to be targeted to your target audience. These paid tweets appear at the top of the newsfeed. However, if the promoted tweets do not engage customers to the maximum, i.e. if they are not many retweets and re-posts, soon they will be removed from the newsfeed. So, to achieve success with promoted tweets, you have to post really enticing tweets that will encourage customer engagement. So, whether you are planning a product launch or want to publicize an upcoming event, invest in promoted tweets is a good idea. It is seen that there is a considerable hike in the purchase intent with promoted tweets.

3. With promoted accounts, you can increase the number of your twitter followers. This, in turn, means higher brand exposure. When a user starts following you, it is obvious that your product or service has interested him enough. By choosing the paid follower option, your tweets will be accessible to your followers, who will retweet and share your information with their other friends and followers.

4. Although expensive, but promoted trends work good. If you want to promote any specific topic that is trending, contact twitter directly for purchasing promoted trend. Promoted trends are shown at the top of the list of trending topics and when anyone clicks on it, the entire twitter search results for that particular topic is displayed, accompanied by a related promoted tweet from the advertiser.

5. The key to success with twitter ad campaigns is posting compelling tweets, which are crisp and interesting. They should be able to convey the right message to your target audience. Adding a photo along with your tweet is a good way to make maximum impact.

Remember, launching a twitter ad campaign is not the end of the game. Monitor your campaign regularly, so that you know which methods worked the best for you and where you could improve. The analysis will help you launch a better campaign the next time.


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